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05/28/22 at 23:48:14 

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Taboo II inputs - color me confused (Read 2575 times)
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Taboo II inputs - color me confused
08/12/13 at 03:15:58
I have a CSP2+/TabooII combo and am confused by the inputs on
the Taboo. According to the manual, the outer inputs are used to
connect directly to a source. The inner inputs are to be used with a
preamp, and should bypass the volume pot. It seems, however,
that both of the inputs on my Taboo go through the pot. Was mine
wired incorrectly? The way mine works seems to make having two
sets of inputs redundant.

I just checked from the preamp input RCA to the input pin of the
input tube, and each channel shows 1KR. If I check from the source
input RCA to input pin, with the pot all the way down, it starts at
around 100KR and drops to zero as I turn the pot 'up'. So it all checks
out electrically. Now I'm more confused.
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