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Mesa STR-450 (NOS Siemens EL34) (Read 5291 times)
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Mesa STR-450 (NOS Siemens EL34)
03/12/13 at 14:52:28
Has anyone here tried the Mesa STR-450 (NOS Siemens EL34) output tubes and can comment on how they sound in the Torii?
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Re: Mesa STR-450 (NOS Siemens EL34)
Reply #1 - 03/12/13 at 20:27:58
I have some NOS RFT/Seimans, labeled Brinmar, made in East Germany...farmed out from Siemens, perhaps in the 70s ...as I read up on the MB 450, I am thinking that these are different tubes. Aren't the MB 450s made in Germany...

From cursory surfing, I thought the 470 was different from the 450 also...definitely a lot cheaper. If you get good information on the tubes or try them, please let us know your impressions. They sound interesting.

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