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02/26/24 at 14:45:53 

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Decware Zen TORII Mono's (Read 4477 times)
Steve Deckert

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Decware Zen TORII Mono's
09/08/12 at 21:52:59

Announcing the biggest amplifier Decware is likely to ever build.  
The ZEN TORII MONO's / 60 watt per channel mono-block amplifiers

Decware is a company that was founded on transparency - and built on it's 2 watt SET amp.  Until now, the Zen TORII was our largest amplifier at 25 watts.  It's a push pull amplifier with a single gain stage and only one output tube in the signal path at a time giving it uncanny transparency just like our smaller SET amplifiers.

The Zen TORII Mono's are a 60 watt version of it.  We can't make an amplifier larger than this without loosing transparency because it requires adding additional output tubes in parallel which cause a noticable decline in transparency.  

I don't personally see this as a problem, because 60 watts of class A tube power has some real nuts.  If you own speakers that require more power, chances are they have too much moving mass to be able to articulate the transparency and low level detail we've worked so hard to achieve anyway.

Here is a link to the new amplifiers:



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