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Ordered my Torii III a few days ago. (Read 3052 times)
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Ordered my Torii III a few days ago.
01/29/11 at 04:49:13
 After visiting this sight for a number of years I decided to make the plunge.  Just had to  be 'ready' to confront my Zen side.  Now about those Zen Open baffle speakers and the FRX !!!!   I wonder how much wood I would butcher building those?
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Re: Ordered my Torii III a few days ago.
Reply #1 - 01/29/11 at 05:38:40
Walt, Congratulations!  I'm in the position to actually guess with some authority, I believe just how much enjoyment is waiting around the bend for you.

I haven't heard either of those speaker models, but I would find it hard to believe they would sound anything but amazing driven by the Torii Mk III.

You know, I really enjoyed my journey from owning one of the original Zen amps, through a Select, an SE34 Monoblocks pair, an Integrated and even one of the original Torii Mk IIs upgraded, and now the Torii Mk III. But you are starting out right where I've ended and want to be. That's quite a nice place to be. Wink
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