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10/23/21 at 03:25:54 


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How to limit gain questions? (Read 4282 times)
Steve Deckert

If the 1st watt
sucks why continue?

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How to limit gain questions?
07/13/10 at 16:32:12
Hello Steve,

I hope everything is well with you.

I have been joyfully listening to your tube buffer for two months now.
It has liven up the sound of my system a great deal!
Even electronic music has now tone and analog feel.
I am using an old RCA 5963 and getting great results especially
in the bass region.
Thank you for your great product.

One problem I have encountered is that the level output
of the tube buffer is too high.
Even at the first position of the Tribute, the volume is already too high.
Is there a way to limit the gain of the tube buffer without affecting
the sound quality?

Best Regards



Thank you for the feedback and congratulations on improving your sound!

The reason you are having issues with too much output is because the ZKIT4 is a gain stage, not a buffer stage.   We use the ZKIT4 in our Zen CD player but add a 100K audio taper pot on the output of each channel.  This way you can adjust the output level from ZERO, to unitity (standard 2 volts) or to where it is now, around 5 volts.

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Re: How to limit gain questions?
Reply #1 - 07/13/10 at 21:50:43
Steve, thank you for your quick response to my question.


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