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Questions about battery (Read 3232 times)
Steve Deckert

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Questions about battery
07/13/10 at 16:26:21
Hi Steve;

I'm looking for a 9V portable AMP for my ED8P on business trip use it. Just on site see it yours ZH-1 to made me very interesting. So before I decided to buy it have a few questions about it:-

1.ZH-1Is it can use the 9V rechargeable battery & supply 9V DC directly?

2. It's enough power to run ED8P?

3. If fully charge the ZH-1 how long can be use it?

4. If 1. question are not. Can I order one to use your PCB board version 7 to custom-made on ZH-1 too?

Thank you for your time.


Hi Derek,

Yes, the ZH1 can use a rechargeable 9 volt battery.  It does not come with a 9V power jack for a wall wart.  However, there is a product called "9 Volt battery eliminator" that we can recommend when you want to plug it in, such as for desktop use.


It is enough power to run the ED8P, yes.

The battery life is 50 hours with the best grade 9V alkaline batteries.

We also sell the ZH1 circuit board and parts for people who want to build their own unit themselves.

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