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Zenhead questions from Peru (Read 2799 times)
Steve Deckert

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Zenhead questions from Peru
07/13/10 at 15:54:30
Dear Sir:

I am looking for an Ipod amplifier and a headphone amplifier, the components I am looking for should last at least 6-7 years or more. I live in Peru and I usually buy without a trial of the product, at the moment I have luck with the components I bought in the US with include Eficion F-200 speakers (extremely happy), Audio art cables and Audio Analogue Enigma (bad costumer service but good sound).

Our headphone amplifier comes with a lifetime warranty.  It will last far beyond 6-7 years.

I browse your web page and I have a some questions about two of your products.

IPod amplifier:

Could drive AKG K450 and K702?

Yes, both.

Is possible to connected the amp with a Laptop?

Yes, or any line level device such as CD player or DAC.

Is possible to upgrade the internal parts?

Yes, but internal parts are already the best available and carefully selected.

Does the mini to mini connector make any different in the sound?

Yes, all cables will effect sound quality in some way.  The one supplied with the unit is surprisingly good.

Why it took between 2-4 weeks to ship this product?

Each one is hand built and tested to order.  We have a waiting list that is running between 2 and 4 weeks.

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