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08/10/22 at 06:49:55 

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SE84ZS recommended with Klipsch (Read 5500 times)
Steve Deckert

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SE84ZS recommended with Klipsch
05/10/10 at 17:43:08
Hi Steve,
I recently purchased a set of 1976 Klipsch La Scala speakers that sounded great at the sellers home.
He recommended to me one of your amps, the SE84CSX. What would that be compared with, and what do you think of the pairing for these speakers? Thanks for any input


Hi Artie,

Yes, all of our amplifiers work well with the Klipsch lascala's.  Our Zen Triode amp, SE84C+ is the most popular, in part because if you find you'd like more power, the amp can be bridged and one run to each speaker.  The SE84CS has been replaced with the more attractive SE84ZS.  Same exact amplifier as the SE84C+ but with faster caps and a different chassis.

The SE84CSX was an older version of these amps with what was called the "EX" transformers.  The EX transformers were intended for high impedance speakers between 8 and 16 ohms.  Your Lascala's will work with either.  The stock transformers will have more headroom and better
detail while the EX transformers will be warmer sounding with less air on the top and less headroom.

I might also suggest the Mini Torii, as it has a bit more power and an adjustable treble feature.

- Steve Deckert
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Re: SE84ZS recommended with Klipsch
Reply #1 - 05/23/10 at 18:56:14
You might check this out. I have LaScalas and  Decware SE84CS. The stock xover  soak up too much power. This will sound better and allow you to better enjoy this combo. The Mini Torii will work with the stock xover. Also the klipsch forms are a big help
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Re: SE84ZS recommended with Klipsch
Reply #2 - 09/23/10 at 01:28:03

I wish I had tried this makeover/tweak before I donated my La Scalas to a church.

I was very pleased with the mids and highs, as it all was, but I missed the transparency in the bass ranges I was used to hearing.

I would still recommend the speaker design, however, especially to jazz enthusiasts.
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