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05/24/24 at 05:06:37 

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Questions about DSR (Read 4009 times)
Steve Deckert

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Questions about DSR
02/15/10 at 21:20:16
Thanks Steve,

When you have time, would appreciate it if you could comment about your Silver Reference ICs  with regard to these statements:

In the past, most 100% silver cables I've heard seem too analytical and even chalky.
Also, with the same cables, I perceived some bass loss.
Granted, other system weakness/incompatibilities could have contributed. But, I'm not the only guy who has heard these qualities with silver wires.

And two questions:
In what ways do you consider the Silver Reference ribbon braid to be equal to or superior sonically to more expensive cables that use fine-gauge, pure, solid silver insulated conductors in other proprietary geometric designs?
You describe the Silver Reference as having an insulator that is 94% air. How do you measure this and why not less air since that would be closer to no cable?

Thanks again for your time,

too analytical and even chalky is the sound of the amplifiers, the silver simply lets you hear it better than copper.

perceived bass loss is unknown.  No issues with bass and silver.

Your last questions, in a word - balance.  No artificially featured peaks in the music resulting from excitation of the wire caused when sudden transients and physical vibration are both present at the same moment in time.  The DSR has eliminated physical vibration.

Insulators modify the sound of a good conductor.  The best material is Teflon as it has the least effect.  The only thing better is air, or no insulator touching the conductor.  The DSR conductors have no insulators and are run inside and outside a single tube 10 times the diameter of the wire.  There is a 6% contact area between the conductor and tube.


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