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01/27/23 at 07:32:58 

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ERR's just delivered (Read 3325 times)
Steve Deckert

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ERR's just delivered
08/28/09 at 17:02:05

Received the ERR'S on the 24th, August. First let me say how well the speakers were packed, very impressive. What's more impressive is the way they sound, right out of the box. As good as I thought my other speakers were, the first thing I noticed was the absolute absence of the grunge sound, probably attributed to the crossovers, absolutely gone. This was the reason I could listen for a small duration of time ( NO LONGER AN ISSUE).  All I truly hear is the music, just music, and the needle absolutely silent on the vinyl. Can not wait until they really bloom, I believe you had told me 50 to 100 hours breakin.

I have the speakers isolated from the floor with footers on each corner. Would you consider this acceptable for this purpose. Thank you again for a wonderful product and I hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Glen,

Isolating vs. Coupling the speakers to the floor is really a matter of experimenting.  Many conventional speakers gain clarity in the top end when spiked to the floor because of the elimination of subtle cabinet rocking on carpet.  The ERR's main driver is horizontal so all the force is vertical.  You will have focused performance with or without spikes.

Bass response and character is the main thing that changes with spikes or isolators and again, you just have to experiment.

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