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02/04/23 at 17:41:08 

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Some Q&A about the ERR's (Read 4947 times)
Steve Deckert

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Some Q&A about the ERR's
07/15/09 at 21:17:17
The ERRs intrigue me and I read the articles.  But before I take the plunge, I have some questions, if you don’t mind.

1) In the long run, what about possible repair issues?  Could the main driver (8” DFR I believe) be replaced without the radial cone (if that is what you call the inverted exposed cone) being replaced or are they coupled together?  How susceptible to damage is the radial cone?  I don’t play exceptionally loud, but can driving them too hard be a problem?

2) What do you believe is the key compromise with the ERRs?  It appears that without the direct connection to the voice coil the resolution may be less that a standard driver or distortion may be greater?

3) I understand how the cone radiates horizontally, but how does this work vertically.  Could there be “dead space” if you are sitting too low relative to the cone?

4) Why not go with the HDT instead?  What sets the ERRs apart, except for imaging?

5) My listening room is: 28’ X 28’ with a 5:1 cathedral ceiling (14’ at the peak) running 90 degrees to the speaker alignment; a ¾ height wall separating the listening area from the kitchen (doesn’t reach the ceiling); the dining room off of one end of the listening room; the speakers sit against a wall about an 18’ wall with a 4’ short wall (for the hall closet) on the right and a brick fireplace on the left wall; a 8’ to 9’ wide picture window is between the speakers with cloth vertical blinds.  Listening is done on a sofa about 12’ from the wall and speakers.  I am able to achieve fairly imaging and some low bass and higher volumes don’t seem to be a problem.  From your descriptions it doesn’t appear that the ERRs should have problems in this room?  Would the cathedral ceiling effect the imaging?  See attached sketch.

6) Would an upgrade to the Hi-Vi tweeter to the RT2C-A version be of any benefit?  From the specs it looks like the main difference is that they can go a little lower than the RT1Cs?

7) Would you consider a black cabinet “custom” and not returnable?  Would you consider a uniform wood cabinet “custom” and not returnable?

8) What would the shipping cost be to Colorado Springs, CO, 80918?  Could I send them back (god forbid) for the same shipping price?

Very much appreciate your help!


Colorado Springs, CO

Hi Dan,

1) The Radial driver is scratch built by us.  Fragile it is not, unless you plan to poke your hand through it.  We've had no repair issues.

2) There is no real weakness in the design. In the early days it had some limitations but the design has improved over the past 10 years.

The radial driver is made up from a 4 gram paper cone directly connected to the voice coil via a kevlar tube.  Being only a 4 gram cone vs., a typical hi-fi speaker that would have perhaps 30 grams, it's pretty fast.

3) The vertical radiation is good, accurately rendering proper height ques.  The radial driver is less that 24 inches from the floor so sitting too low is basically never a problem.  The tweeter angle can be adjusted to taste by the listener giving you great control over just how the imaging and sound stage focus up in front of your listening position.

4) The biggest reason to go with ERR's over HDT's is frequency balance.  The ERR's are warm and glass smooth from top to bottom, even in a glass dominated small space.  HDT's require sincere attention to room treatment to achieve the same frequency balance.

5) Your room layout presents no issues.  Cathedral ceilings are almost always better than a flat 8 foot ceiling and the ERR's do a great job in such an environment.

6) The other available tweeters have been tried and do not achieve as good a match the radial driver.

7) We use UPS ground for shipping and the speakers will ship from North Carolina.  I'll have Bob get back with you on the shipping via e-mail, because I can't calculate it from here in Illinois for some reason.

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Re: Some Q&A about the ERR's
Reply #1 - 07/19/09 at 04:39:18
I ordered and received a black custom finished pair of ERRs and they are a custom finish and non refundable what I was told. I love them by the way, the finish is smooth as glass and almost look like they are made out of black plastic they shine so much.
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