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In phase or not? (Read 1600 times)
Steve Deckert

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In phase or not?
08/03/09 at 21:17:16
Dear Steve,
good afternoon,

I'm back again, Nelson from Argentina,

I have one question, How I know when the audio fase is invert (or 180 degrees out of phase) ?,

is this perceptible only with the (human) voices ?, one guy told me that when I utilice one only triode per channel I have the audio desfased 180 degree, is this true ?, happening this with the ZKIT4 ?,

other question: when I record an audio in Adobe Audition, I see the Waveform (please see attached screen in the other email),
what mean that i have more peaks on the the down side (passing -3 db) ?, since on the upper side the waveform it don't pass the - 3 db,

thanks in advance,
best regards,



When one channel of a stereo is 180 degrees out of phase the speakers will have little or no bass and the center image will be gone.

The information from the guy, as written is wrong.  You may be thinking about "absolute phase" where the output of both channels is in phase but delayed by 180 degrees in time.  Also known as inverting vs. non-inverting preamps.  Both sound virtually the same, as absolute phase is hard to detect.

The ZKIT4 is a non-inverting type so everything is in absolute phase.

The peaks on your waveform are a common thing that has to do with DC offset.

- Steve
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