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08/18/22 at 01:57:22 

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se 84+ rectifier roling (Read 4091 times)
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se 84+ rectifier roling
03/17/09 at 14:51:40
Se84+ users!

I like to hear from your experience rolling an 274B rectifier on the se84+ amp?
Does anny 274b work well without modifications?

Kind Regards,

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Crazy Bill the Eel Killer
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Re: se 84+ rectifier roling
Reply #1 - 04/20/09 at 04:09:33
Hello Jaap,

First, Welcome to this forum !

Second, I have a highly modified SE84CSEX, and I absolutely LOVE the Valve Art 274b rectifier in my amp. But, be careful, as the specs for the 274b ( as I recall from memory ), calls for a max cap value after the rectifier of 4uf . While I ( and others ) haven't blown one up yet, the PS as configured in your amp has a 40uf cap after the rectifier, which, by the specs is way too high. But the Valve Art is fairly inexpensive ( approx. $ 15.00/ea ) , so I would go for it with the VA 274b. I would not do it, however, with a NOS Westinghouse based upon their outrageous cost. Try the VA, and if you like it, do it ! There are some easy mods you can do to lessen the load on the 274b ( and make a better PS, IMHO )you can do later if you like.

Cheers,           Crazy Bill                  :)
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