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ZKIT-2 INFO (Read 14081 times)
Steve Deckert

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11/09/08 at 16:50:10
We have added a new kit called ZKIT2 that can be used to create a multi-channel Zen Triode amplifier.

Shown above configured for two channels, this design features a horizontal AC buss that can accommodate up to three boards on one power transformer!

Here is the link:  https://www.decware.com/newsite/zkit2.htm

Steve  :)
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Reply #1 - 03/24/09 at 04:45:05
This multi-channel z kit seems to fit the bill.
I've been researching  it for a while now,and what I was thinking of doing was making a home theater setup by laying down 2  imperials,with the horn openings butted together in the center. The TV,center channel and electronics would go on top.
A different spin to this would be to put two 8 or 10" full range drivers on top at the far ends ( in the compression chambers ) and have a reflector above each one.(see a post in the imperial support forum p.2 by Buzz called "stereo imperial-picture")

(Steve gave me the idea one day when he mentioned that he had played around with using a cd to horizontally disperse the sound of an up-firing driver. I then tried all sorts of speaker arrangements using various 'reflectors' in the coming months. In my tests I was blown away to hear the 'hyper-stereo' imaging in this arrangement. If you want to hear the effect yourself, turn your drivers 90 degrees away from your listening spot and use LP covers as reflectors. The real magic happened when I bowed or curved the cardboard covers. The transformation was absolutely stunning...  from a beamy driver, with my head locked in a vise to get imaging, into speakers with a HUGE sweet-spot!)

Where this thing ties into this z kit 2 forum is that I was planning  on putting together a 5 or 7 channel amp to drive each individual speaker.
1 channel for the center, 1 ea. for the left and right full range, then either  two or 4 channels for the 4- 15"drivers(2 Peavy Scorpions, and 2 Goldwoods) for the left and right Imps.I'm just wondering if 1 channel will have enough spank or headroom per 2-15"er???
What do you think?
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Reply #2 - 09/11/11 at 23:41:48
Your shopping cart no longer recognizes any ZKit. Have these been discontinued?
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