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A question of space (Read 4985 times)
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A question of space
07/26/08 at 16:27:25
Upon hearing the corner horns at Decware HQ, I was impressed. (Thanks Steve for the opportunity). As I drove home, I imagined building at least one pair.. Then I wondered where I would put them. Not an easy question to answer. However, there is one place that I think my first pair could be really handy.. On the deck at the lake house.

What if I built the cabs out of outdoor grade plywood, painted them to further protect them from the elements and used a Marine driver?

I have an outdoor wall to put them up against, but the rest would be quite open. They would project out onto the dock and the lake..

By chance, has anyone who has built these speakers ever heard them outdoors?

Would this be feasible?

I have to admit, I also envisioned building the big Imperials, but it would be nice not to have that large of speakers on my deck.

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Re: A question of space
Reply #1 - 09/08/08 at 23:36:04
hey cosmos    i dont think it would be worth it building for outdoors....   for a cottage and lake ...besides they wont look as prety once you or a  friend spills a beer on them, happends to often at my cottage, so i opt for  a  old 2 channel amp some crap speakers.  just have to put then on the deck and with a lil amp  projects alot of sound ...sound travels real nice over water....and if ya got ppl across the bay .......cant please everyone with a certian genre of music....so ive found out..lol

after time spent  ...i think ud rather listen to them all the time like i do....instead of just the weekends

my 2 cents

Prost (cheers)
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