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05/28/22 at 23:58:11 

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Imperial Disguise (Read 6569 times)
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Imperial Disguise
04/08/08 at 19:53:35
         I was watching TV the other day flipping through the channels when i came across HSN selling some nice armoires.  Then it came to me, my imperial has the same basic shape as an armoire!  So i was thinking, what if you put two doors that covered the whole front of the imperial that had nice trim and molding and maybe even some fake drawers on the bottom.  So these doors would cover the subwoofers and the horn opening.  Have the doors hinged on either side so that when opened they would lie flat on the left and right side of the enclosure.  And maybe even some nice crown molding at the top that flips up to reveal the horn.
         A guest walking into your house would look at it and say, "Nice Armoire!" and then you proceed to open up the doors showing off the "inner beauty/beast".  I think it would be a pretty practical solution for some of you guys with wives unhappy with a large speaker sitting in the living room or family room (thank god I'm only 19 and single but I give credit to you older guys Smiley).  But it would also be a nice way to protect it from unwanted guests such as small children attempting to poke the dust caps or even the occasional pet trying to climb inside.  So it would go a little something like this:



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Re: Imperial Disguise
Reply #1 - 04/09/08 at 22:42:34
cool idea - 2 of them would certain dominate the room

y'all might want to provide some method for quick removal of the doors for full blown party use  (unless you don't plan on showing them off to your buddies  [smiley=wink.gif]  )

something like a quick release European cabinet hinge might be worth considering:

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not so easy, this giving it up thing ...
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Azul Shiva
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Re: Imperial Disguise
Reply #2 - 02/02/09 at 15:09:19
If there's anyone messing with your Imperial or the drivers dustcaps, just let a 20Hz sinus wave knock him out. You might even enjoy doing that!
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