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10/07/22 at 06:09:42 

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velocity disc corner (Read 4254 times)
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velocity disc corner
01/05/08 at 22:55:04
me and 2 pals are building individual WO 32's and are in the final phase BUT some postings were noticed on the forum ...like ....
, the edges of the velocity disc corners  were rounded off incorrectly, if you look at the painted black box, Steve's build, you see the sharp edges smoothed slightly but still intact. "   its true on the  WO32 page is a picture of the black unit that I perceive that Steve built that has the  edge that protrudes  versus the smoothed out edges on the unpainted model that is on the bottom of the page and seen in other photos on the forum ....
an d even the instruction booklet eludes to rounding off ..?
this confusion has led to us rounding them off .....BUT all the talk about the importance of them NOT being rounded has us a little concerned , before I button up the sub I would appreciate it greatly if anyone can enlighten us on the proper way to do these corners ?
Steve is not available today ...
Thanks in advance !
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