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Nice 12 inch driver, maybe for WO32? (Read 4841 times)
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Nice 12 inch driver, maybe for WO32?
03/17/07 at 23:49:08

just in case you're interested: I recently obtained four B&C 12PZ32 which have
quite nice specs:

Qts: 0.19
Fs: 38 Hz
Xmax: 5.5 mm
Power handling (program): 800 watts
More Infos: http://www.bcspeakers.com/download/prodotti/PDF/more/121.pdf

They will be installed in 4 front-loaded bass-horns, but I think they
could also work nicely in the WO32 - I think I will try that if the horns
are no good.

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Re: Nice 12 inch driver, maybe for WO32?
Reply #1 - 03/21/07 at 16:09:12
Greetings Hannes,

What horn design will you use?

Those are some nice, hefty looking speakers. Look like the Eminence Delta 12 Pros which are very nice speakers for horn loading. Did you get them new? Pricey, eh?

These horns are for sound reinforcement, not home stereo? Using digital delay?

I'm concerned about the steep roll off below 100 hz and I wonder how horn loading will improve that. We'll be watching for your review when they start making music for you. I've been using some Altec 421-8LF drivers in large ported boxes for a long time but I've always been disappointed with the bass output. I finally looked at a frequency response graph and it looks like yours except that the roll off starts at 200 hz! One wonders about that "LF" added after the model number. I've recently replaced them with Emilar 15W-8 drivers and the difference is day and night. All the bass I hoped for is now there. Turns out the Altecs are great for midbass and might find their way into some Imperials alongside one of the Emilars.

I wonder if your 12s might sound great in a 2/3 scale, or even a full size Imperial? Something to consider.
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Re: Nice 12 inch driver, maybe for WO32?
Reply #2 - 03/22/07 at 00:40:16

I bought the drivers together with 2 big horn-enclosures, each about
about 75x75x75 cms - sounds ok but if they stand in front of you it's
quite massive and for me too much to handle.

As each horn was loaded with two drivers side-by-side, I decided to
cut the horns in half, giving me 4 horns of half size with one driver each.
If stacked together I should be back to the original sound, but the single
boxes are now much easier to move, store etc.

At the moment I am stuck at smoothing out the cuts in order to install new
walls to close the semi-enclosures at the open sides. Takes some time
to get this done properly.

The horn design came from a London-based company called "Zoot Horn"
which seems to have gone into oblivion - my guestimate for the original
construction time would be the early 80ies.

The rolloff in the graph also gave me some headache - I just hope that they
perform differently (better) in a horn enclosure, the graph was probably taken
from a ported or sealed box.

The Imperial of course is a tempting option, as is the WO32 or the punisher horn
design of speakerstore.nl

And no, I will not use them (at least not all four) in my home, if everything works
out well this will be the (mid-)bass-stack for a reggae soundsystem of some friends
of mine. At their last party they used crappy Yamaha full-range tops which sounded

Together with the bass-horns I bought two even larger horn-loaded tops (empty box
only, no drivers), you can see the whole mess at the ebay auction site:

In the picture it looks fine but the fun ended when I discovered that even two people
have trouble moving the tops, so they will be up for sale again - anyone interested? Smiley

Edit: to answer all questions, I got the drivers used for 100 Euros each, not exactly
cheap but I think the price was reasonable. It's just a shame I never listened to the
horns before cutting them in halves - I had to get those trunks out of the way quickly.

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