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Welcome to the forum ! - NEW USERS READ! (Read 18967 times)
Steve Deckert

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Welcome to the forum ! - NEW USERS READ!
02/28/07 at 23:57:06

Welcome to the Decware Audio Forums!

  • These are public forums.  Anyone may register.
  • There are several boards arranged by topic on this forum.
  • There are also several Support forums for Decware products.
  • This is an international community of audiophiles of all types.
  • If you are new or old to the hobby everyone here invites you to join and post your observations, questions, or research others opinions on gear, music, you name it!  
  • Decware has no issues with your discussion of other manufactures products nor your making comparisons against ours.  We encourage a "tell it like it is" freedom to say what you want, listen to what you want and be proud of it.  
  • We do not however, allow blatant advertising from other manufactures (unless they want to help us fund these forums).
  • This is a well behaved, well oiled machine.  Unlike other large audio forums with artificially inflated memberships from spam bots, this is 100% real people and completely spam free and safe.
  • If you have any problems logging in and or posting please e-mail me at zen@decware.com

-Steve Deckert / Forum administrator

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Retrieving old Forum Archives
Reply #1 - 06/29/07 at 23:01:08
I was having some good memories reading some of the older and really older forum archives before the recent redesign.

1) https://www.decware.com]Go here[/url]

2) Select a link which brings you to the homepage for that time frame

3) Select Forums (if there is one)...

4) Have fun!

Here are some entry points:
- Original Forum (1998)
- July 21, 2001 (1st gen design - I think)
- Aug 02, 2002 (2nd gen design)
- Feb 25, 2004 (...more)

Some good stuff in there.

- Ray
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Decware SE84CS Zen Select (EV modded), vintage Philips CD880 w/CDM-1 MK2 transport, TDA1541A S1 DAC, Parker 95's, Promitheus Audio TVC Reference 1, Blue Jeans Cables, NOS Tubes, HAL-Os
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Dalton Mcmickle
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Re: Welcome to the forum ! - NEW USERS READ!
Reply #2 - 05/12/11 at 09:24:29
it's very nice!

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