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12/07/23 at 12:52:45 

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radials 1.5 HELP. (Read 4161 times)
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radials 1.5 HELP.
10/15/06 at 00:22:08
Ok let's try another way

Do you own a pair of radials 1.5?
Do you own a digital camera with movie feauture (most cameras nowadays do?


I would appreciate if you lucky radials 1.5 owners could take 3 one minute long videoclips of you radials at work in you room, the 3 files should preferably be

a a solo piano or solo acoustic guitar
b any music with plenty of bass
c a solo female voice. with (or without) a piano or guitar.

Sit where you normally listen to your music,
start the music and point the camera to the side of the room where the speakers are so that they and the room are fully visible (wide angle might be best option, but also a panoramic view will do).

Send the files to me here


thxs a lot, more files more fun for me, so don't be shy and send your own. I will really appreciate your help to decide if the radials are the speakers for me and take advantage of the 10% discount before it expires.

Most cordially.

PS. This is not a scientific test, does not want to be one, and doesn’t need to be one. Certainly will be fun! and helpful for me! Thxs again
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Re: radials 1.5 HELP.
Reply #1 - 01/30/07 at 19:27:17
I just picked up a pair of Radial 1.5s this week.  They are used/upgraded so fairly well broken in.  I am running them off a Pioneer SX-980 (very low tech) with a decent (Denon DVD-2900) deck with crappy speaker wire.  These speakers sound better than a pair of VMPS RM 30 Ribbon monitors ($4,000+) I auditioned and rendered a pair of Magnepan 1.6s boring compared to the 1.6s.  I listen to rock and blues, and I really don't think I'm going to need a sub.  Basically, I'm blow away at the quality of sound I'm getting out of these despite how horribly they are presently set up. Cheesy  Once I upgrade my speaker wire and interconnects, it will be even more amazing.  I don't see how you could go wrong.  Hope this helps. Smiley
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