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05/29/22 at 01:00:01 

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modeling with Hornresp (Read 2198 times)
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modeling with Hornresp
12/11/05 at 14:04:03
I'm not sure I entirely understand all of the parameters in the hornresp program.  Those of you that have used this software to model Imperials, what values did you use for parameters like LRC, ATC, etc?  JohnK - you have an earlier thread indicating that you did this... I wonder if you could post the input parameters you used?
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Michael E
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Re: modeling with Hornresp
Reply #1 - 12/12/05 at 01:34:44
Hover mouse over funny parameters to find out what they are.Double click things like CMS and BL. Enter the driver parameters in order,from left to right then the bottom row left to right.

Read this. If your stil stuck give me a PM

Vrc = 0
Vtc = 60,000cc +
S1  = Perhaps half Sd - look at plans.
S2 = Easy. Approximate the expansion as an expo at first to get it about right,then input the various sections.

Youl notice that a 3 or 4 section conical horn approximating an expo makes no real difference at bass frequencies-comes in handy!


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