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1  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / Re: CPS3 FS
 on: Today at 15:38:07 
Started by anzaanimal | Post by DougK
I have a CSP3 for sale, just need to post it. Feel free to pm me if youíd like. Standard configuration, black base, dual outputs but otherwise standard.

2  OLDER DECWARE GEAR SUPPORT / TORII MK III / Re: Input attenuator setting with CSP3
 on: Today at 15:16:49 
Started by qaztar | Post by qaztar
Thanks. I missed the instruction to initially set the mk3 volume to half way. I see you have a Zrock2 in your system .. do you have it installed before or after your CSP3? Mine is after.

3  AUDIO FORUMS / Room Treatment   / Re: question on corner absorption
 on: Today at 15:05:52 
Started by piezoman | Post by piezoman
Thanks Groove.

I have zero idea how I would interpret the results, and how to place absortion/diffusion based on those results.

btw, the way you folded that acoustic fabric looks really nice!

4  AUDIO FORUMS / Room Treatment   / Re: Ugly Effective Acoustic Treatment.
 on: Today at 15:00:53 
Started by GroovySauce | Post by GroovySauce
I knew I wasn't going to be here for too long. So I wanted to make 2" for transportation. After I move I'm going to make diaphragmatic bass absorbers and quadratic diffusers.

I have two different finishes one is more of a burlap the other is more of a heavy/thick speaker cloth.

5  AUDIO FORUMS / Room Treatment   / Re: question on corner absorption
 on: Today at 14:49:13 
Started by piezoman | Post by GroovySauce
If possible I would go from floor to ceiling. I would build 2x4 and stack them.

Corners are the most efficient place for bass absorption. 2" will absorb little lower freq energy. You really need a LOT of a fiber glass to slow down and absorb bass energy. I have 14" of 703 in the corner. I would have them stacked if the wall didn't slant in. Depending on placement I would say a box of 6 2x4' x2" in the corner is good for .5-1db of absorption 60hz and below, that might be really optimistic too.

You've mentioned how your bass output is "modest" I bet you will be surprised how much boost and suckout are in your room. I highly recommend getting a calibrated mic and measuring the room. It will also help you really get your sub integrated into the system/room.

I use this mic https://www.minidsp.com/products/acoustic-measurement/umik-1 $75
and REW https://www.roomeqwizard.com/ Free / Donation.

6  OLDER DECWARE GEAR SUPPORT / TORII MK III / Re: Input attenuator setting with CSP3
 on: Today at 14:48:14 
Started by qaztar | Post by Lon
I've always found this description of the setup in the manual a helpful one:

Operation and Setup
To operate your CSP3, install the tubes, hook up the output jacks to the amplifier. Once you are sure the amplifier and preamp are securely connected together with a high quality interconnect cable between 1 and 5 meters in length you may plug both units into the wall outlet.
Before you turn either piece on make sure that all of the controls on the CSP3 are turned all the way down.
Turn on the CSP3 and let it warm up for one minute. Double check that all the controls are down all the way, including the volume and that the interconnect cables are securely installed into the output jacks of the CSP3 and the input jacks of your amplifier.
Turn on the amplifier. The amplifier should come on and if has a gain control on it, turn it up to the half way point. Your system is now on and at idle. Any noise or hum that you hear is your system reference. Make a note of it so that later when we connect our sources we can see if they added any noise or hum.
It is now time to connect your first source component to one of the input pairs on the CSP3. You can do this while the CSP3 and your amplifier are on and at idle, but be sure you havenít turned any of the controls on the CSP3 up yet.
If you didnít hear any hum or noise increase when you connected your first source that means that A) your cables are probably good and B) there is no ground loop between the components.
No add your second source if you have one and again listen for any increase in noise or hum. If with either source you DO notice an increase in noise or hum then it comes from cables or small ground loops between the components or both. The key here: is the noise or hum acceptable? For example if you have to put your face up to the loudspeaker to hear it, itís acceptable. If however you can hear it from the listening chair it is not acceptable and should be corrected before going any further.
Once everything is connected and warmed up and you are happy that there are no excessive amounts of noise or hum, you can set the controls on the CSP3 to match your amplifierís requirements:
1) turn up the input level controls all the way (clockwise). These are only adjusted during headphone use and only with headphones that get too loud.
2) turn on your source and get some music playing.
3) turn up the main volume control on the CSP3 to halfway.
4) slowly turn the output level controls up until you hear
music playing at a normal listening volume.
5) your preamp is now adjusted properly for your amplifier.
6) further experimentation can be made by adjusting the gain control on the amplifier if it has one relative to the output level settings on the CSP3.

7  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: The covid year in tweaks/music
 on: Today at 14:37:25 
Started by Palomino | Post by piezoman
Got a reply from Greg Rael at PI Audio re: hardening the paint finish when painting styrofoam diffusers: THEY USE ELMER'S GLUE. MIX WITH PAINT WITH AN EGGSHELL FINISH. NOT MUCH IS NEEDED.

8  OLDER DECWARE GEAR SUPPORT / TORII MK III / Input attenuator setting with CSP3
 on: Today at 14:37:12 
Started by qaztar | Post by qaztar
Could anybody offer some advice about what to set the common input 'gain' pot to when using a CSP3 as an input? If I max it out with no amp input there is considerable hum. If I set it to where I normally would have it without a CSP3 leading, and then put the CSP3 in line, I notice considerable distortion at high volumes (whereas without the CSP3 I can take it very loud with no distortion). I can't recall if the Torii mk3 was ever offered with fixed gain, but if it was.. what would it be set to?

9  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 14:34:05 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
"Zoot Sims and the Gershwin Brothers" Pablo K2 lp facsimile cd from Japan.

Joe Pass and Zoot make a great front line.

10  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / Re: CPS3 FS
 on: Today at 14:27:29 
Started by anzaanimal | Post by qaztar
My understanding is both the CSP3 and tube complement were sold.