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12/04/22 at 02:32:01†

1  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: How To Tell Steve That The ZROCK2 Doesnít Cut It
 on: Today at 00:25:19 
Started by Doug | Post by michaelG
I got my zrock in august and itís really great. One thing to consider is the amp youíll use it with. My current amp has a lower input impedance than my future ufo so at mid point thereís a big volume drop when I activate the zrock. to get the same volume I have to turn it up to 75/80 % but at that point the eq is already fairly significant. It kind of makes it harder to compare lower eq settings as I always need to turn the volume up and down.
I look forward to receive the ufo in a few weeks / month. no doubt the pairing will be amazing given how good the zrock already isÖ

2  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Lii Audio Fast 15 drivers
 on: Yesterday at 21:41:34 
Started by HockessinKid | Post by Mannytheseacow
My original f15s are front mounted, slightly recessed, and flush with the front of the baffle.

3  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Lii Audio Fast 15 drivers
 on: Yesterday at 20:01:43 
Started by HockessinKid | Post by astro-chris
Do the original 15s and the new Fast 15s need to be rear-mounted on an open baffle, or can they be front-mounted in a routed hole to be flush with the front of the baffle?

4  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / SE84UFO2 / Re: Fuse help
 on: Yesterday at 18:26:23 
Started by Bilyeaux | Post by Lon
Back in action! Fantastic!

5  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / SE84UFO2 / Re: Fuse help
 on: Yesterday at 17:38:04 
Started by Bilyeaux | Post by Bilyeaux
James, replaced that fuse, removed the Rectifier (didnít know you could do that),  and all powered up. Off, then rectifier back in and playing some awesome blues. Rolled one of my 80 globes in and fantastic. A previous one had a little noise but this one is dead quiet. Thanks Man for the assist!

6  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Woodsmith Magazine DNA Build
 on: Yesterday at 17:27:42 
Started by Waukman1 | Post by Waukman1
Anyone catch the DNA build in the Dec/Jan issue of Woodsmith? It may just be the photo for the mag but they show them right up against the back wall of the room. Seems the DNA's need a little space back there, no? As usual Woodcraft did a nice job on the graphics & instructions with credit to Decware but a couple things stand out to me.
There was no mention of internal damping material either in the instructions or BOM. Are the folks that build DNA's going to be disappointed in the sound because of this?
They also included plans for 17.5" tall stands. My experience with my DNA's is that they present a pretty lifelike image in spite of their 28" height so stands just eliminate the nice compact size. The stands result in a 48" tall speaker. If you're going to go with stands it seems the DNA2 at 41" is a better choice. I haven't heard the DNA2's but they appear to be superior performers. It would have been nice if the article featured the DNA2.
They also cap the speakers top and bottom with painted MDF. For the small expense hardwood caps would look much nicer.
Finally the drivers specified are the Alpair 10P which I thought Steve had upgraded to Diatone 610's but I don't see them listed on the Decware website so maybe the Alpairs remain the current configuration.
Comments welcomed,

7  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: The 25th Anniversary Modified Experience
 on: Yesterday at 16:48:20 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Man. . .the 25th Anniversary Modified Experience. . . wow. With tube rolling and other tuning/tailoring factors it's like having multiple amplification/playback experiences. Never gets tiring!

After a year of rectifier exploration I've decided the best all rounder for me is the Sophia Electric Aqua 274B. They just have a big open sound unlike any other with my favored tube complements.

And I'm back to anchoring my sound in 7308 tubes. I have four US made and two English made in my ZTPRE, and two Holland made in my amps, and it seems a great blend.

I keep waffling on tubes for the ZROCK2, each one has a a distinct advantage, but overall I have my tube complements locked in, fabulous sound, and I am trying to just leave them be and enjoy the amazing sound. And in the future. . . the 300B. . .another entirely different tube adventure ahead.

8  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / ZROCK2 / Re: Idle Curiousity
 on: Yesterday at 14:54:36 
Started by Burgermeester | Post by Lon
I think you have one too many zeros there.

Okay. I was explaining how it comes off to me.
I also really feel you are giving the parts and labor aspect of the fully-loaded ZROCK2 an unfair estimation in comparison to the UFO.

I'd rather discuss other things on the forum myself, this seems a question if sincere best directed to the man himself. I have seen discussions about Decware pricing, wait list, etc. go extremely south on another forum, and that type of posting really bugs me--I'm overly sensitive to it, my problem. I'll bow out of this one now.

9  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / ZROCK2 / Re: Idle Curiousity
 on: Yesterday at 11:41:49 
Started by Burgermeester | Post by Burgermeester
Not at all. Not presuming to tell Seve how to do anything. if I was I'd DM him. And I'm sure he'd send me an informative answer.

This is a "forum" so I'm bringing up something because it occurs to me, and if I'm off course I'm happy to have that pointed out and why. Still, I think it ought to be OK to toss out ideas without being called out for, you know, lack of respect. I mean, I do respect Steve. I know he respects me. He has $13000 long of my money, and so far I have a ZBIT and some cables.

I've been reading (recently) the praises being sung of this device and realizing that 1) I wish I'd ordered one and 2) I will never order one. Not enough time left, tick tock tick tock. I am just wondering what I missed and why, say, this apparently essential device -- which may well be built into every DW amp someday -- can't be ordered and delivered in less than 2 years.


10  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / ZROCK2 / Re: Idle Curiousity
 on: Yesterday at 10:31:41 
Started by Burgermeester | Post by Lon
I think the parts count and manufacture of the ZROCK2 may be more complicated than you give it credit for, and don't forget that a factor in any pricing is research and development.

Personally I think only Steve's answer holds a lot of weight. And I honestly think it's a question I wouldn't ask. It's like telling someone how to run their business: "I think you should price this MY way." Just my opinion/reaction.