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05/15/21 at 00:15:12 


1  Audio Forums / Frequently Asked Questions / Re: Upgraded Fuses
 on: Yesterday at 22:30:48 
Started by Larry Lang | Post by Edsonic
I haven't seen the subject re ZLC in particular, but here's a thread about fuses for audio generally:


A thread about silver threads, you might say.

2  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Newbie queries
 on: Yesterday at 22:22:30 
Started by Mike Hughes | Post by Mike Hughes
Thanks both. Yes, an obvious point and I still managed to miss it. Smiley Easy enough to feed a digital out from my Kuro or my Sky Q box to the DAC and then, as you say. One input is fine.

The point about the Chord modes is an interesting one. I started in DAC mode into my Naim pre. It was fine but the 2.5V reduced the travel on the volume so it was overly sensitive. 2.V is on the hot side for the Naim but otherwise okay. I moved to AMP mode and tried 1V, 1.5 and 2. 1 was awful, 2 gave me reduced travel once again and 1.5V is a nice balance of sound quality and sensible control over volume. At no point have I had any sense that using the Chord in AMP mode into the pre has reduced sound quality. The issue is more impedance mismatch between 4 Ohm amp and 16 Ohm speakers.

That then leads to me asking why you think using AMP mode might be less than optimum with the anniversary edition? Is it not in effect acting as a pre?

I should add that volume control and remote control are of little concern to me. I’ve no problem setting manually from the amp or DAC.

Following on from, that what range of voltages will the amp accept? I’m not sufficiently knowledgeable with regard to electronics to be able to necessarily deduce from a spec sheet.

Yes to all mods by the way. Lockdown has been kind to me and working from home has enabled regular saving for the first time in years so if there’s any restriction at all I guess it’s me imposing a broad £4,000 limit as that would then be comparable to speakers, amp and DAC expenditure.

3  AUDIO FORUMS / Member's Systems Picture Gallery / Re: Recent upgrades as of late.. With a few surprises!
 on: Yesterday at 21:38:04 
Started by charles hidalgo | Post by charles hidalgo
STS serviced with upgrades including a rewired and serviced Ortofon RMG-212 tonearm. A new idler wheel from AudioSilente, A WoodSong Audio thrust bearing kit with an 8mm thick bronze cap, a 6mm thick Torlon thrust pad, and a Grade 5 sapphire ball bearing. An MK2 conversion kit with the Hanze Hi-Fi Motor Spring Suspension kit is also installed. In this conversion, the 3 motor suspension mount studs of the MK1 motor, are replaced with longer motor suspension studs to give more motor suspension travel as well as allowing installation of the Hanze HiFi motor spring suspension system which reduces motor noise into the chassis by -16db over the standard double polymer bushing design which is still installed on most TD124’s. SPH copper mat copper record stabilizer, and Waynes outer ring round things out.

4  SPEAKER FORUMS / DM944/945/946 / Re: Speaker advice for Zen Triode
 on: Yesterday at 20:41:23 
Started by Art L | Post by HockessinKid
So you have a small listening room with placement of speakers close to a rear wall on shelves.

I suggest you check out Omega's single driver offerings. They pair exceeding well with the Decware Zen amplifier. The Super 7 monitor is $995. Check out the speaker dimensions to see if it will fit.

If you decide to go this route, have Louis the owner configure the speaker with a front port not the normal rear port. Here is a link to additional information.



5  SPEAKER FORUMS / DM944/945/946 / Re: Speaker advice for Zen Triode
 on: Yesterday at 20:21:32 
Started by Art L | Post by Art L
Listening space is small bedroom. 10x12 or so.
1 window, bed and dresser. Amp, cd plater, turntable on top of dresser.
Tall bookshelf on each side, speakers would be in the bookshelf - approx chest high (my chest, about 4.5 ft.
Listening position is not ideal - probably on one side of room, next to window, about 5 ft. from speakers.

Also, I read or heard somewhere that in addition to high sensitivity, higher impedance (10-16 ohm) is better for flea powered amps then low impedance. Is that true?


6  Audio Forums / Frequently Asked Questions / Upgraded Fuses
 on: Yesterday at 20:01:17 
Started by Larry Lang | Post by Larry Lang
I’m giving into all the hype on upgrading fuses on DACs and amps.  I also have a ZLC on order and I am curious if anyone has upgraded their ZLC fuses to ceramic.  Has it made a difference?  Would it make a difference?  Overkill?  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks,

7  AUDIO FORUMS / Room Treatment   / Re: my room treatment chronicles
 on: Yesterday at 18:00:34 
Started by piezoman | Post by dBe
Hi, guys.  I am posting my response to the idea of lowering the diffuses behind the speakers in Brad's room.  Feel free to agree or disagree... I'm easy.

Lowering the one behind the rack would be a step backwards.  The rack is already acting as a diffuser.  Lowering it would reduce the overall diffusion and lose some of the center image.  Lowering the others "may" be an improvement, but may not.  The only way to know is to try it.  Here is the reasoning (physics) behind this.  Reflections below the ear rattle around the space and get eaten up by carpeting, furniture and people.  Everything in the room sits on the floor and sound reflections obey the angle of incidence = the angle of reflection law.  Sound rays (i.e., above ~ 350Hz) from the speaker that are traveling downwards will continue to do so until they lose energy.  Above the ear a room is usually an open system where the reflections are free to continue propagating relatively unobstructed.  This is especially true in small rooms.  If your room was bigger, I would have recommended a lower placement.  In small rooms where time of flight is short getting treatment up where it is immediately effective is extremely important.  They are placed high to prevent oblique reflections from the front wall/ceiling planes from smearing the image."

8  SPEAKER FORUMS / DM944/945/946 / Re: Speaker advice for Zen Triode
 on: Yesterday at 15:31:55 
Started by Art L | Post by Donnie
DM945 is the choice there.

Decware amps like low impedance.

9  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Yesterday at 15:26:24 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Woody Shaw "Lotus Flower" Enja cd Japan

Last one for the morning. Off to see my Dad. His C-Diff is back again. Sigh. Life sucks sometimes. Music is a great comfort.

10  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Yesterday at 15:03:06 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Today started off with Joe Lovano
"Tenor Legacy" Blue Note cd. Nice date with Joshua Redman sharing the front line.

Then on to an earlier Blue Note, Lee Morgan "The Cooker" on TOCJ 20 bit cd from Japan.

One helluva band with Pepper Adams, Bobby Timmons, Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones.

Now onto another Blue Note date (though sort of a ringer) Kenny Clarke/Francy Boland and Company "The Golden 8" Japanese Blue Note cd

It's been too long since I spun some Clarke/Boland stuff. I love the big and the small units.