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12/01/20 at 02:56:04 


1  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Focals with SE84UFO
 on: Today at 02:54:56 
Started by Emre Manav | Post by Emre Manav
Anybody tried the SE84UFO with Focal speakers? How would they perform? Focals are usually considered as a match made in heaven with tube amps.

2  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Christmas Came Early!
 on: Today at 02:48:50 
Started by CAJames | Post by Emre Manav
Congrats! I also expect my order to arrive in around 5 months. And boy is it hard to wait...

3  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Replacement fuse?
 on: Today at 02:32:18 
Started by craigcarter | Post by will

I forgot to mention that my amp is specced for a 5 amp fuse, and having tried a number of fuses, what I was used to. Comparatively, the few 6.3 amp audiophile fuses I have tried (Furutech and HiFi Tuning gold), I found them both similarly more intense sounding than the 5 amp fuses. Guessing it is like with bigger wires, a bigger fuse feeding the power a little more likely alters the signal and sound toward bigger, and bigger is not always better if a system is pretty fine-tuned. Particularly, I did not like how either added intensified bass in the balance, enough in my setup to make the bass a little too heavy and thick. The heavier/thicker bass made the bass softer and slower, and leaking into the mids and highs, slowed the sound overall to me, while masking/overwhelming fine detail and space.

So I was wondering. If my assumptions are right, since you prefer the AMR fine detail/decays, etc, and the fuse being pretty inexpensive, it may be worth trying a 4 amp in the place of the 6.3. It might just  give you more bass control, speed, and even more complex mids and highs.

4  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Replacement fuse?
 on: Today at 01:09:27 
Started by craigcarter | Post by will
Hey Jess,

Good news! Since the Jr manual said 4 amp for 220-240 volt service, makes me wonder, do you have high voltage service? Or did Steve say 4 amp for 110-120?

Anyway, glad you got some good benefits from fairly low cost fuse changes. I have used both AMR and Schurter, but preferred others.

Having used and liked the effects of WA chips in DAC modifications, I have some left over pieces said to be designed for caps, DAC/semiconductor chips, and for fuses. I don't know if they are just different sizes or different formulations. But having been impressed in the past by taping a WA fuse sticker on various fuses, and since cutting up bigger stickers gives fine tuning potential (sizing it to tastes) while pieces of a bigger sticker would be less cost per fuse for similar treatment, I had been meaning to try it. As an example, a WA semi-conductor chip is about 12.50, and a fuse chip, about 9. I am guessing the DAC chip has about 3 times as much material. And taping them on the fuse rather than using the sticker as intended makes them easy to move to another fuse.

So I am now experimenting with a piece of a WA DAC sticker on a generic, but pretty nicely made slow blow ceramic fuse in my balanced power supply. I had been using a HiFi Tuning Supreme there, and initial impressions of the sticker/ceramic fuse were good. I had run the fuse on my Frybaby2 burnin rig, so it was pretty good right off, but as I recall, I found the stickered fuse more neutral, transparent and faster than the HiFi Tuning fuse... pretty impressive since the HiFi fuse uses better materials and is designed specifically for audio.

I need to play more and do some ABs in order to give any real analysis, but I am pretty impressed so far what these stickers can do, and at a fairly low cost per fuse.

5  SUPPORT FORUMS FOR ZKITS / ZKIT 1 Support forum / Re: How come only 3 tubes on the "DIY" kit?
 on: Today at 00:55:07 
Started by TubeNut | Post by Ben
Tubenut wrote:

"...my only concern with the current version of the kit is the substantial heat generated by the shared cathode bias resistor  (and the 1K in power supply)  .  It would appear it ships with a 5W "sandstone" component for the first, and Mills W/W for the second, and while these may be adequate for the attendant current draws, I can remember the aluminum heat sink version the Select getting more than warm enough to melt the glue attaching the cathode resistor to the underside of the painted chassis.  If not thermally sunk to a metal chassis component, I'd like to see these parts stood well above the PCB, well away from any heat sensitive materials (i.e. not at all near the "breadboard").

I just purchased two Zkit1 PCBs from someone who built a P2P version and they mentioned two interesting things that may relate to what you wrote. First, they used a Hammond power transformer 370FX, which I see puts out 550VDC, as opposed to the Edcore one that the Zkit1 instructions recommend that puts out 600VDC.  Second, he mentioned:

"The power supply voltages at the input tube is 290v. Decware runs them too hot (350v) and burns out the first resistor. I installed
a 25W resistor in mine."

My newbie question is, Does the lower DC output of the Hammond result in the lower voltage at the input tube?  Or was that lower voltage achieve some other way?  I.e., from the said 25W resistor?  I assume the presumably higher rated resistor he refers to just means the resistor doesn't get burned.  But I am a bit confused.

I want to use the boards with SS rectification, but make any mods that will make it last and still sound great.  Anybody want to comment?

Kind regards,

6  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Christmas Came Early!
 on: Today at 00:50:10 
Started by CAJames | Post by piezoman
Hey James,

Welcome to the higher plane  ;D  You're going to love it!

Agreed, the pinpoint resolution is astounding with Decware amplification, and the Omega combination. It keeps getting better.

Are you using a preamp with those wonderful monoblocks?



7  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Christmas Came Early!
 on: Today at 00:50:06 
Started by CAJames | Post by Geno

8  AUDIO FORUMS / D.I.Y. / Heathkit Ua2 mods
 on: Today at 00:45:26 
Started by Radarek | Post by Radarek

Just got a set of nicely preserved set of monos Ua2. Some of parts were upgraded, but no mods were performed to the circuit itself. As am waiting for new set of tubes for it, some ideas were born...Here is my question... as this is  EL 84 powered amp... would the Hazen mod be a nice upgraded together with 6p15p tubes?? If yes what else would need to be done with the mod to go through?

Can post schematic if that helps



9  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Christmas Came Early!
 on: Today at 00:12:54 
Started by CAJames | Post by CAJames
So 5 months almost to the day after I ordered them my UFOs were delivered today. I'll have (much) more to say about them as I get to know them better, and start rolling through the wide variety of input, power and rectifier tubes I've accumulated. But I've got to say that right out of the box, or "cold off the bench" they sound FANTASTIC!!!! I have them configured as balanced mono-blocks and hooked up to Omega SAMS (resplendent in Macassar Ebony) and I am blown away by the resolution, dynamics and tonality that I am hearing.

Everyone says Decware amps are more than worth the wait, and more than worth double or triple the price. And now I'm a believer too.  Steve has a special product and I couldn't be happier I found it.

10  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / SE84UFO / Re: Help! No sound!
 on: Yesterday at 22:35:56 
Started by thethanimal | Post by Archie
Aren't the fuse values stamped/printed on the fuses?  I may have missed it but did a bad rectifier blow the fuses?  I wouldn't try that tube again in that case.