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09/21/20 at 10:53:34 


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 on: Today at 10:09:13 
Started by DAN.DERBY | Post by alper_yilmaz

I have driven 88.5dB ProAC's (with crossovers) with my UFO25 successfully.  It is not kidney-stone-crushing SPL, but the balance, tone, transparency, and detail are all there.  I might be flamed here for saying this, but instead of most high-efficiency speakers with some crazy shout effect (not all, please note), I would prefer a decent lower-efficiency speaker.

Now, 86dB seems definitely in the lower end in terms of SPL, and I do not think I have ever heard the Maggies, yet give them a try with the UFO; you might be amazed about what you hear!  But again most probably, it would OK for late night listening...

2  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Will SE84UFO drive my Maggies?
 on: Today at 08:19:00 
Started by DAN.DERBY | Post by DAN.DERBY
Well, what you describe is what I'm hoping for. I just bought one from a member here and have one set of Maggies and two sets of Klipsch standing by for its arrival.  Excited!

3  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: WIRE doesn't make a difference is like saying...
 on: Today at 06:57:29 
Started by Steve Deckert | Post by Brian
Quite a powerful lesson.
Thanks, Steve!


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 on: Today at 06:42:06 
Started by Reptar | Post by Dominick
When I  attended Decfest 2 years ago, Steve paired the DNA2 with the new SE84UFO25 Zen Amp and it was mind blowing.  To hear the sound that came out of those speakers from a 2 watt amp was a testament on how great the pairing was.  It was fast, detailed, and smooth.  

Here is a short video I took of the pairing.  Please take into account that this what shot on my iPhone X and uploaded to YouTube that compresses the audio.



5  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / DNA2 Speaker - comments, thoughts, recomendations?
 on: Today at 05:48:27 
Started by Reptar | Post by Reptar
Hi - very interested in the DNA2 speaker. I have a Zen Triode that I hope to pair with it, if that doesn't have enough oomph/bass then I would try another tube SEP amp that I have ~10-12W/CH and may consider the Tori MK 4 but the Tori + DNA2 is a bit out of reach for me.

I am interested in hearing from DNA2 owners. I'd like to hear about low level listening experience and the bass this speaker can deliver.

Any thoughts, tips, recommendations appreciated.


6  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: WIRE doesn't make a difference is like saying...
 on: Today at 05:15:00 
Started by Steve Deckert | Post by Steve Deckert

As a follow up to last nights post that I hope people sake seriously because it's obviously not what anyone wants to hear. The truth often isn't.

Tonight I couldn't take it anymore...  the sound was like  wearing binoculars while walking on slippery snow.

I finally put the ZSTYX back in and things got a lot better.  Still, not quite what I remember... then I remembered that along with the speaker cables I got a pair of 1/2 meter XLR made of the same stuff, same braid, and put them in place of my own made from the same wire as our DAG interconnects.  A far less expensive cable I might add, but it has the right sound.  Once I put these back in between the DAC and PREAMP everything became as it was, which is to say heavenly.  

I can't believe how easy it is to destroy a sound. It's scary. Now I'm sure no less than half of Decware customers have never heard their gear.

Can it only happen with Decware's cables?  No. It can happen with all kinds of cables. But these cables are in the minority. These fancy silver cables that have driven me nuts could also be replaced by a single 10AWG pair of solid copper conductors without insulators, just bare copper.  You can make this from Romex house wire by stripping the ground wire from the cable and removing the paper. So for less than $30 you could make something twice as good as this fancy silver cable. It does have to be ZSTYX, which goes back to my comment, you need to try at least three cables. I would recommend making that one of them. It's a good reference, and the same thing in solid silver with cotton insulator is to die for, just cost 100 times more is all.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but cable is more important than room acoustics or probably what type of speaker you have. I mean I have the most enjoyable speakers I've ever had, the ZF15 Zen Master Series, and completely ruined them, just with cables. Gear was not changed, nor were tubes, nor was anything else touched.  

Let's use this time at home to explore what is possible. Remember, not more than an hour I go I took a 1/2 meter interconnect that cost 6 times more than the one I was using and ruined the sound. So exploring what's possible is not referring to seeing how much money you can spend.

Let the Audio Gods guide you.  If you find yourself in the kitchen for no reason, perhaps you should grab some tinfoil and try to make some speaker cable from that...  Once you begin the process of A/B/C three different kinds of wire (cable) the magic begins.  Trust me.  It teaches your brain how to listen.  It remembers.  It can then listen to any of the three cables and remember what the timbre sounded like of each, at which point it can recall that timbre for comparison to whatever it is hearing.  Prior to this, it couldn't do shit. ; )

I can for example, now that my stereo sounds the way it's suppose to, hear what it sounded like before over the top of any music I might be listening to and then marvel at how big the difference actually is.  I'm doing it right now while I write this.

Why the sudden panic posts about cables?  

Because I heard both my amplifiers and speakers sound like crap compared to what I know they actually sound like. That scares me for obvious reasons.

And for those who are tube rolling, excessively, before you go off the deep end on that, be 100% certain you have arrived at the right cables for your system. You know they are right because you tried many combinations over time until you reached that point where everything became sideways moves instead of clear improvements. Then and only then is what you hear when tube rolling actually valid... or phrased a little differently, actually going to sound like the tube actually sounds.

The reason Steve Deckert became successful as an audiophile and then able to create a business around it without investors, startup capital, or even a degree in electronics, is relentless A/B/C testing. The winner stays. Then we bring in two new challengers and repeat the process until the same one ends up always being the winner.  That's how we know it's good. Did it with speakers, speaker locations, amplifiers, preamps, sources, cables, tweaks, rooms, treatments, layouts, etc.  So you see it has nothing to do with money or even opportunity...  an open mind helps. If it is not suppose to work, make sure you try it so you can understand first hand why it doesn't work.

Getting back to the damn wire...  with the fancy wire the 2 watt amp sounded like it had 1/4 the power.  Distortion was always eminent.  I would have needed 10 times the power (20 watts) and a subwoofer to get the same performance that I get with just the speakers by themselves and the 2 watt amp.


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 on: Today at 04:35:48 
Started by CAJames | Post by Brian
I read the Wikipedia article on Balanced Audio. The paragraph titled "Internally Balanced Audio Design" says:
"Most audio products (recording, public address, etc.) provide differential balanced inputs and outputs, typically via XLR or TRS phone connectors. However, in most cases, a differential balanced input signal is internally converted to a single-ended signal via transformer or electronic amplifier. After internal processing, the single-ended signal is converted back to a differential balanced signal and fed to an output.

A small number of audio products have been designed with an entirely differential balanced signal path from input to output; the audio signal never unbalances. This design is achieved by providing identical (mirrored) internal signal paths for both the "non-inverting" and "inverting" audio signals.

In critical applications, a 100% differential balanced circuit design can offer better signal integrity by avoiding the extra amplifier stages or transformers required for front-end unbalancing and back-end rebalancing. Fully balanced internal circuitry has been promoted as yielding 3 dB better dynamic range, though at increased cost over single-ended designs."

This internally balanced circuit sounds like the Decware preamp model ZTPRE.
This has me wondering: Can a Power Amp be made internally balanced, instead of internally single ended with balanced connectors on each end?
I think it would require twice as many parts, including the tubes; so double the price. But would the benefits for a power amp be the same as they are for a pre-amp?


8  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Will SE84UFO drive my Maggies?
 on: Today at 03:36:54 
Started by DAN.DERBY | Post by Steve Deckert

There are two factors that make it possible to enjoy a 2 watt Zen Triode amp on non-efficient speakers...

1) It's ability to make a speaker disappear.

2) It's frequency and dynamic balance at low volumes.

Because of these two things, it is possible to place speakers in the near field and shut your eyes and hear them sound like they are far away and playing with great power and scale.


9  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Will SE84UFO drive my Maggies?
 on: Today at 03:32:40 
Started by DAN.DERBY | Post by Steve Deckert

So far the SE84UFO has never found anything it couldn't drive.  This includes the Magnapans hanging over my bench, my Acoustic Monitors, Quads.  That means it doesn't compromise it's frequency balance, dynamics, imaging, overall sound from one load to another.   That said, how loud it will get while it is driving a particular speaker is another story.  This story depends on how far you set from the speakers, room size, and subjective interpretation of volume.  

Is the amp a good pairing with Magnapans, no because it won't get loud enough for anything other than late night listening.  Will it drive them yes.


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 on: Today at 00:34:58 
Started by Lon | Post by Melvin