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09/28/21 at 15:09:54 


1  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 14:28:53 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Sun Ra "Languidity" . . . the alternate mix.

Me like.

2  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / SE84UFO / Re: EL83 = SV83, 6P15P TESLA Ebay  misinformation?
 on: Today at 14:25:54 
Started by Dana | Post by kulafu
CAJames, thank you for that.  I get confused too easily!  Lol!

3  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / SE84UFO / Re: EL83 = SV83, 6P15P TESLA Ebay  misinformation?
 on: Today at 13:45:40 
Started by Dana | Post by CAJames
If you bought these: (6P14P / EL84 / 6BQ5 and 6P14-ev "Reflector" EL84M el84 7189 6BQ5) then you do not need an adapter. EL84s work fine. It is EL83s, sometimes advertised as SV83s that need an adapter.

4  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / SE84UFO / Re: EL83 = SV83, 6P15P TESLA Ebay  misinformation?
 on: Today at 13:42:33 
Started by Dana | Post by CAJames

5  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / SE84UFO / Re: EL83 = SV83, 6P15P TESLA Ebay  misinformation?
 on: Today at 13:32:25 
Started by Dana | Post by kulafu
I mistakenly purchased these instead of the 6P15-EV (6P14P / EL84 / 6BQ5 and 6P14-ev "Reflector" EL84M el84 7189 6BQ5) a while back.  Are these the adapters that would allow me to use these on the ZenUFO25th?
I appreciate the advice.  Thanks.

6  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 13:01:40 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon

"Svensk Jazzhistoria Vol. 8 - Swedish Jazz 1956-1959 - Topsy Theme" disc 1

 on: Today at 12:57:22 
Started by Burgermeester | Post by Lon
I've had a ZTPRE over 3 years now and LOVE it. I've used it with un-balanced sources, but they were 2V or over so I can't answer about lower voltage sourcss.

But. . . here's the thing. . . if you aren't using balanced sources. . . I think a CSP3 with the mods is a better choice. I have one of these as well, use them both in my system as the CSP3 provides a headphone amp. My sources are all balanced so the ZTPRE is the first stop, then there's a ZBIT to a ZROCK2 and then that is fed into the CSP3. I love this setup. . . but if my source were not balanced the only preamp I would need is the CSP3. With the Anniversary mods this is an amazing machine to have in front of a Decware amp.

 on: Today at 11:46:31 
Started by Burgermeester | Post by Burgermeester
will and Dominick, thank you. I think I was thrown by the notes to the ZTPRE on the site, which state that something like a ZSTAGE is needed if 2V or less input is being fed in from an unbalanced source.

But the ZTPRE has gain controls -- just like the ZSTAGE, no? Yet the ZTPRE notes indicate that plugging in my 1.7V (approx.) Border Patrol DAC to the ZTPRE is not the same as plugging it into a ZSTAGE first.

This actually makes no sense to me. Both the ZSTAGE and the ZTPRE (AND the CSP) come with gain controls, so...don't they achieve the same thing? Aren't the gain controls there to compensate for low source input?

Newbie inference (mental cogs and gears meshing): Choice is to procure ZSTAGE + CSP3-25, or ZSTAGE only and continue to benefit from two kidneys. My inference from the ZTPRE notes was that even with the ZTPRE (or by inference the gain control-equipped CSP3-25), the ZSTAGE would be required in any case. Not just a good idea, but required. That means "acquire first."

Given the current kidney shortage I would rather have one device feeding the Torii Jr., either the ZSTAGE or the CSP.

Of course, experimenting with one or the other first would make sense too, I might well want to own both as will recommends. OTOH, I suspect I'm talking to Decware old-timers who remember 4-month turnaround.

With turnaround looking more like 10 months these days, waiting around to experiment doesn't seem so attractive. It's blasphemous, but there are other tube preamps out there, available now.

Hey, you guys are helping me choose and I really appreciate it. But even more than that I'm interested in understanding why the ZTPRE notes emphasized the need for a ZSTAGE on a 2-volt unbalanced input, when the ZTPRE itself (and the CSP) has much more powerful gain adjustment built right in. What's it for if not to achieve the same thing as the ZSTAGE?

Thanks in advance. I'm not quite up to speed, obviously...

 on: Today at 08:06:53 
Started by Burgermeester | Post by Dominick

I run a ZSTAGE with my Torii MKIV and really like what it does to the sound.  As a tuning tool, it will allow you to shape the sound for your liking on different recordings.  As a single gain stage, it does the job well giving you a nice boost as a purist preamp. It does not have the flexibility of multiple tube types to roll (input,output, voltage regulator, and rectifier tubes) or the higher voltage gain that the CSP3 has, but it works well as intended.  I have lately tube rolled  an Amperex Holland pinched waist 7062 and it really puts life into the ZSTAGE versus the stock 12AU7.  

If I was starting out… I would take Will‘s advice and try and jump into the CSP3 if you can afford the cost.  It’s way more powerful and flexible. I had purchased my ZSTAGE a long time ago to be used with lower voltage output devices like an iPod or an iPhone.  While it has the upgraded beeswax caps, it does not have the Anniversay bypass mods ( not yet anyway 😉).   For my initial purpose… It fit the bill and worked very well.

While I love the sound of my Torii out of the box… adding the ZSTAGE just adds another dimension to the sound that I could not live without.  Hope this helps and keep us posted on your impressions after you get your new Decware gear.


10  SPEAKER FORUMS / Lii Audio Crystal 10 Flagship Speaker / Ordered Silver S-10s
 on: Today at 05:10:10 
Started by tiffy | Post by tiffy
Looking forward to hearing these, they have shipped, but it looks like it's going to be a LONG wait to get them, as they go by sea. The 6 weeks quoted - uhhh, no. Ships are stacked up all over the Pacific trying to get into West Coast ports. It's a horrible mess. I'll be lucky if I see these by Christmas.