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All DECWARE products are made in the USA




Decware Tiny Radials
Desktop Audiophile Speakers

Decware SE84UFO
Introduction / Preview

Introducing Ultra Fidelity Outputs

Security Camera Captures One!

Decware Makes World News!

Encounter at 2016 DECFEST

Encounter at 2016 DECFEST PART II

Decware SE84UFO

Interview with Decware's

25th Anniversary UFO amp

25th Anniversary UFO amp

25th idea

Shown with 2 watts & 20 watts

Video Christmas cards from Decware

Contact Info, Decfest, About Us

Hear what 2 watts can do on speakers
costing less than $500

Tone Audio Review Video

The Ultimate Planar Headphone Amp

Part 1 - Amplifier assembly Room

Used in ZDSD, ZCD240, ZBIT

Steve shows how we test our amplifiers

Part II - Measuring Power

Paired with Zen Mystery Amp

Mixing LED's with Good Beer

Paired with 6 watt SET amplifier

Full Range 8 inch driver

Full 1080p HD

Paired with 20 watt amplifier
Explanation of why you want two

Intro Video

You have to see it to believe it!

Part II - 52 Hz fSaline

Part III - Singing Bowl

Part IV - Lonely Whale

Part 1 - See all the possible patterns
Part 2 - See all the possible patterns

Balanced XLR Preamp

Tube Phono Stage

6 Channel Tube Preamp

Dual Volume Remote Control Demo

A Zen Motor with no magnetic field
We will be adding videos