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Sampler No.1



Imagine This!

You've spent years and a ton of money putting together your stereo system... and you wonder how good it would actually sound if you had the best source money could buy? 

Something like this perhaps... the worlds most expensive turntable for a cool $300,000.00 not including tonearms or cartridges or electronics.

Well, believe it or not you can have better sound than the above vinyl rig is capable of reproducing in your very own listening room!

Analogue Master Tape is the holy grail of audio formats. Records are but compressed copies of master tapes and have groove noise, and tracking distortions. This is why a semi-pro reel-to-reel tape machine ($1500~$4500) with the heads directly wired to RCA jacks ($150) and a Tube Playback Amplifier like the DECWARE ZP3 ($1700) can sound superior to the worlds most expensive vinyl set ups.

sample tape setup

But... a perfect source isn't worth much if you don't have good recordings!

So Imagine This:

You get some of the best musicians and some of the best sounding instruments and set them up a live recording session using only a single pair of exotic tube ribbon microphones feeding a custom cost no object Western Electric 437a & 300b based microphone pre-amp feeding a pair of insainly modified Studer A80 tape machines with all tube transformer coupled silver wired signal paths. 


We can't imagine any Studer A80 tape machines modified or not that sound this good. So from the musicians, the instruments, the arrangements, the microphones, the tube electronics and tape machines it's a truly cost no object - can't get any better assault on getting the most incredibly realistic recordings available anywhere.

UltraAnalog's owner, Ed Pong doesn't make this information easy to find on their site because the music is the entire focus, the gear being a necessary evil ...evil because of what it costs in both money but also in time to achieve this level of reference.

UltraAnalogue Sampler No.1

The holy grail of high resolution analog master tapes featuring select recordings from
Ultra Analog's tape catalog.

"For people who haven't heard a master tape of this caliber it can be hard to understand why someone would spend $200 or more for a reel of tape! Well, once you experience one on something like Decware Tube Gear, you quickly realize master tapes are not meant to replace your music library. They're not meant to be your staple music diet. The sound, it's too good. Comparing one of these tapes to a CD for example is like comparing 45 year old Scotch to American light beer.

With master tapes you treat yourself once a week or so. You will listen in a stunned state of disbelief to the tape dozens of times before you feel like you've heard it... then you want to do it again!

A master tape is what you pull out when you want to completely smoke your fellow audiophile's minds. The satisfaction that comes from hearing music this good - sound completely real in your own home is the pot at the end of the rainbow that every audiophile chases.  Well, here it sits

-Steve Deckert / DECWARE

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