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All DECWARE products are made in the USA


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Size:  10" high x 7" wide x 9" deep

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Made in USA


This uniquely small desktop loudspeaker is manufactured and shipped from Turning Point Audio in the USA and represents a breakthrough in the price vs. performance category.

A life sized 3-D sound-stage from only 2 watts is possible with this small desktop monitor!

Shown above sitting on the smallest desktop we could find.

If you've ever wondered what a real audiophile loudspeaker would sound like if you could shrink it down enough to fit it on your desktop... then add one to the shopping cart now - while you can still find out!

These small speakers have been especially designed for your desktop to give you the following:

  • Reference sound quality similar to the speakers in your listening room.

  • Great imaging that can make your computer monitor disappear.

  • No wall effect or boominess thanks to a hidden down firing slot that puts bass on your desktop, not your wall.

  • Compatibility with any amplifier, tube or solid state.

  • Efficiency that can easily be driven to loud levels with only 2 watts.

  • Longevity made possible by real wood cabinets and hi-quality audiophile drivers.

  • Great bass performance that gives you a full rich sound without having to use a sub woofer!


The Trapezium design was the result of lots of testing in the unique environment of the desktop, where often there is a wall directly behind the speakers.  The speaker breaks the parallel surface bond between it and the wall with it's trapezoidal shape.  This breaks up standing waves both inside and outside of the cabinet to prevent boomy bass and preserve clarity in the mid-range.

The cabinet is designed around this high quality 4 inch wide range driver from VIFA

We mention that it has no boomy bass, and you're probably thinking it has no bass.  Ha! It has all you would want if you're interested in flat extended audiophile frequency balance.  No sub woofer is required or suggested with this pair of speakers.

Driver Overview

Vifa's NE Series full-range drivers feature an innovative sculpted, open cast aluminum basket design that minimizes internal acoustic reflections and acts as the neodymium motor's heat sink.

Driver Highlights

Cast aluminum frame acts as a heat sink
Sculpted design promotes cooling and reduces reflections
High-strength compact neodymium motor
Coated natural wood fiber cone with half-roll rubber surround
Pentacone cone technology for improved frequency response
Long-throw voice coil on titanium former
Copper pole piece cap for extended HF response

And this high quality 4 inch wide range driver from VIFA

Tweeter Overview

The smaller-sized Vifa XT25SC90-04 features a patented dual concentric diaphragm and a unique waveguide center plug that provide an excellent on- and off-axis response.

Tweeter Highlights

Dual ring radiator diaphragm (patented)
Waveguide center plug (patented)
Neodymium magnet
Flat response well beyond 20 kHz
Low distortion


"To test these little jewels I did the same thing I do with all our speakers and took them into our  17' x 27' cathedral listening space, put them on some stands and listened to them. 

They were full, rich and glass smooth.  The sound was not small, the imaging was wonderful and the speakers had no issues filling the room while powered by 6 watts of Single Ended Triode magic.  The bass was frankly amazing, no sub needed to make these sound full! 

Of course on your desktop, the near-field positioning would make 2 watts more power than you could likely use."

Steve Deckert - owner DECWARE High Fidelity Engineering


Turning Point Audio, appropriately named in this time of diminishing expectations, is dedicated to preserving the Art and Old World Craftsmanship that is the polar opposite of today's mass production. 

All TPA loudspeakers are hand made by the same master craftsman
that produce Decware Loudspeakers.

Bob Ziegler
Bob Ziegler

Mike Ziegler


  89dB with 1 watt at 1 meter
  48Hz ~ 22kHz
  4 ohm nominal impedance


This loudspeaker is hand built in the USA by Turning Point Audio and comes with a 5 year warranty and 30 day money back in-home trial!  If you're not completely happy with these speakers just return them within 30 days for a hassle free refund less a 10% restocking fee. 


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Made in USA