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"Like" Button (Read 1320 times)
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"Like" Button
06/17/23 at 01:48:54
Sure would be nice to have a "Like" button.  I think a lot of folks don't get their well deserved attaboys because we're often too lazy to send a full reply.
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Re: "Like" Button
Reply #1 - 06/29/23 at 12:45:05
Ha! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to ‘Like’ someone’s comment here!!! I haven’t found the selector yet, but I keep looking Smiley
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Re: "Like" Button
Reply #2 - 06/29/23 at 14:25:10

I sometimes think similarly. Such conveniences are common on other audio fora.
No harm and it is fine to have such a reinforcement when you want to show agreement or respect for another.

Most of us show that respect by returning to the conversation, agree or disagree and continuing the forum as almost a daily visit for some.

There are a number of little "knobs" or "bells and whistles" that Steve has not included.
I can only imagine that with each little toy convenience comes more work for him and further distraction from his R&D pursuits.

I'm just projecting, because I have never tried to maintain a website.

Most of us show our "like" by interacting, which I think is an order of magnitude beyond a "too easy" button to press.


Sorry, but I corrected my statement. Research and Development is what I meant to post, not Rest and Relaxation.
While R&R is important as well, to many who are so driven, R&R is often in the way of work that is bursting from inside to be accomplished.
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Re: "Like" Button
Reply #3 - 06/29/23 at 16:34:21
If we had one I would click it for that Dirt Dog fella !
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