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08/18/22 at 01:54:20 

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Omega XRS vs Klipsch Heresy IV (Read 197 times)
gary roman
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Omega XRS vs Klipsch Heresy IV
06/23/22 at 03:27:47
Any thoughts/experiences which would be the better choice to pair with a Zen triode UFO2 in a medium size room?
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Re: Omega XRS vs Klipsch Heresy IV
Reply #1 - 06/30/22 at 16:45:22

Based on all the posts I've read, and research I've done, while both a great speakers, I think the single-driver set-up of the Omega is likely to be a better match. Klipsch also tend to overstate their actual sensitivity.

Omega is very highly thought of, and the owner of the company is very accessible and great to work with, if you call him he can really help you select the best speaker for your room/set-up.
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Re: Omega XRS vs Klipsch Heresy IV
Reply #2 - 07/11/22 at 22:26:37
I am currently playing Klipsch Hereseys, only speaker ive owned……I have a pair of JR 8 XRS Towers being built, and very excited, hope they are all they seem to be!
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