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08/18/22 at 02:26:33 

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Se84 comes home — still as good as ever (Read 326 times)
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Se84 comes home — still as good as ever
09/22/21 at 02:54:07
I sold my se84 (bought in 2000)10 years ago as I travelled overseas in search of a job.
But on the weekend I at last caught up with the buyer and bought it back to end a decade-long separation.
A nice moment as the amp started as a B series but I had done each upgrade over the years myself (C, Cplus )…as Steve revised that amp until it was at CKC status. Appreciated the musings and help from long timers such as Eli duttman and joe Mac who suggested this resistor or that capacitor which would take the zen to another level back then.
So to the point of this post. In 2013 while working overseas I bought the CKC  iteration of the amp from Steve. Now with its ancestor beside it, what to do?
Bridge them of course. Result? There is no way I am I unbridging them.
Neither amp has the same rectifier or input tube but the result from the first track I played was jaw dropping.
Only way I can describe it is while either Zen was quite capable of sounding superb on its own, when bridged, the two Zens gelled the parts together into music like you were listening in a cosy club with the band close up — but in your living room and you can hear how each player is contributing to the cohesiveness of the arrangement. The two speakers had become a musical instrument with some Decware voodoo.
Steve said all those years ago  ‘Want more without losing any fidelity, just bridge them’.  Not a truer word said. Pity I had to wait 21 years to get to it. But I’m delighted I’ve got there.  Now comes the tube rolling …… and cable matching……
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