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06/13/21 at 05:54:25 


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Balance Output Tubes...why is this so critical (Read 195 times)
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Balance Output Tubes...why is this so critical
03/08/21 at 02:58:49
What problems occur if the output tubes aren't balanced pairs?

I'm assuming balanced pairs, not a balanced quad.

How balanced do they need to be?

Is there a more important aspect of balance, current draw or mMhos? Not sure I asked that question right, but hopefully someone out there understands what I'm trying to ask...Steve?

Thank you for the assistance.
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Re: Balance Output Tubes...why is this so critical
Reply #1 - 03/17/21 at 16:10:37
I've waited to answer this as I'm not very knowledgeable about circuits.

My understanding is this. In a push pull amp which the Torii is, Each tube does one half of the sine wave.

Example on the left channel you have two power tubes. One of the tubes does the (+) part of the sine wave (push) and the other tube does the (-) part of the sine wave(pull).

If these tubes are not matched closely the sine wave being sent to the speaker will be stronger one direction than the other, causing distortion.

That covers why you want matched pairs.

If you have two matched pairs, and those pairs are not close to each other, then you can have channel imbalance.

That's why I buy matched quads.

As for the other questions I don't know.
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