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04/11/21 at 04:42:14 


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Pink Faun (Read 816 times)
Tommy Freefall
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Pink Faun
05/30/20 at 22:17:52
Hey LR (or anyone for that matter),
Have you had any experience with or exposure to Pink Faun?

They apparently used to build a variety of gear, but now are primarily focused on streamers.
And - according to the lucky few that own them - these are end-game purchases.

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Lonely Raven
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Re: Pink Faun
Reply #1 - 06/12/20 at 23:46:51
I've heard *of* them but haven't had any in my listening room. Supposed to be good, but I can't personally attest to that.
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Re: Pink Faun
Reply #2 - 06/13/20 at 21:34:03
I find it really hard to believe that those 7/12k+ systems are anything but milking the consumer. I can't imagine it being a monumental (if any) leap over a pi2aes (which is a quality component, sounds fantastic) or an allo bridge or something.

Nice site, but they seem significantly overpriced to me.
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