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Zen Line Conditioner - ZLC (Read 277 times)
Steve Deckert

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Zen Line Conditioner - ZLC
04/23/20 at 18:37:34
Thank you Steve,
My first impressions of the ZLC are extremely positive!
I have a lot of tube gear and vintage equipment so I had a lot of hum ....that is 90% gone now.
I hear greater detail, more realistic/tighter bass and drums - and a bit more ďairĒ between instruments.
It reminds me of those magical nights when all the stars aligned and the power grid calmed down and you just want to listen forever.
....except now thatís every time I listen!
A couple follow up questions if you would be so kind:
- since you suggest I donít add additional outlets, I will have to plug some components directly into the wall or swap them out with others...Could you please  tell me what components will benefit most from the ZLC so that I can prioritize? I have 2 Turntables, 2 phono preamps, preamp, 2 amps, cd, and DAC.
- do you suggest unplugging the ZLC whenever not in use or can it stay plugged in .... a concern regarding power surges damaging ZLC and components plugged into it.
All my Decware gear is wonderful!

First, keep the ZLC plugged in at all times.  It has power protection for itself and everything plugged into it.

You can use a high quality power strip for your turntables. We just don't want to see high current devices like large amplifiers all plugged into a single outlet on the ZLC.


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