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04/04/20 at 15:28:09 


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Where in the chain do you place Zrock? (Read 274 times)
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Where in the chain do you place Zrock?
01/24/20 at 19:35:11
#1) ZMA<CSP3<Zrock<ZP3


#2) ZMA<Zrock<CSP3<ZP3

Before Zrock I had the best sound running CSP3 at full volume and changing room Volume on the ZMA

If I run using configuration #2 I believe I need to reduce volume of CSP3 or risk overloading the Zrock.  This option is better from a point of view of being able to switch between digital and vinyl both running through the Zrock.  I do not like the fact that I have no method of determining at what point to set the CSP3 volume at to limit possibly overloading.  I do not think this sounds better thann option 1.

Option #1 runs phono stage only to Zrock.  I have no idea what the output volts of the ZP3 is but I sense I would not run the risk of overloading Zrock.  I loose the ability to run digital through the Zrock in this configuration.

What are you guys doing?  Zrock is nice but I keep getting up and changing the switches so it is tiring in that regard.  

It seems that Eq A (up) cuts treble and Eq (B) does not.  Both add bass Is that an accurate statement?

Take care

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Re: Where in the chain do you place Zrock?
Reply #1 - 01/24/20 at 20:21:40
I use #1 configuration with my vinyl set up. Sounds great! I have not tried the ZROCK2 between the CSP3 and ZMA.

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Re: Where in the chain do you place Zrock?
Reply #2 - 01/24/20 at 20:55:02
Configuration #2 for me and sounds wonderful. I had concerns of my zt pre overloading the zrock but haven't experienced any compression or anything like that.

Try both ways and see what works best for you.
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Re: Where in the chain do you place Zrock?
Reply #3 - 01/24/20 at 21:25:51
I use #1 in one system, and #2 in another system.

Both ways are excellent. If the ZROCK2 had balanced inputs and outputs I would probably place it before my ZTPRE in the main system so that with my dual output ZBIT I could feed both the Monoblocks AND the Taboo Mk III that I use for headphones; having the ZROCK2 in the signal chain would be great for headphone listening--that is what I can enjoy in the system with the CSP3 with the 25th Anniversary mods.
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Re: Where in the chain do you place Zrock?
Reply #4 - 01/24/20 at 23:49:21
I too have done both.  I prefer having it after my CSP3 so that I can switch sources without switching cables.  Somewhere Steve posted the voltage outputs of the CSP3 for various knob settings so overloading the ZR2 shouldn't be an issue if you don't exceed his settings for less than 15 volts output.
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