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04/08/20 at 16:45:03 


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New ZKIT-1 build (Read 717 times)
Clifford Cheng
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New ZKIT-1 build
06/24/19 at 00:32:47
My first DIY amplifier. Test built using Rev 12 board and 2019 schematic on a wooden board. Worked right after the build even for a first timer with very limited knowledge. All test voltages are within range with no hum whatsoever. Sounded great already after the first 30-60 minutes driving a pair of Heresey III. Now getting better and better (about 10 hours). Huge sound stage with exceptional clarity and accurate imaging. Tried with 6P15P and EL84. The 6P15Ps perform better but the EL84s sound warmer and more musical to my ears. Expect the 6P15Ps to improve further with longer listening hours. The Edcor transformers work / sound great. The PT only gets slightly warm after 2-3 hours' use while the OTs are still cold. The 1k resistor in the PS gets quite hot though even sized to 50W. The next thing is getting a chassis to have everything mounted properly.

A novice question. I have also ordered the anniversary mod parts. What are the intended improvements of these optional parts?


Clifford Cheng
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