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08/09/22 at 02:49:45 

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Decware and Quintet 15 Horn1 (Read 2168 times)
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Decware and Quintet 15 Horn1
03/22/19 at 05:19:45
Having listened to the Decware-Pure Audio Project combo for six months, I decided that it was time to give Ze’ev some feedback on his speakers with Decware gear, so I wrote a short review, took a photo of my very simple system, and sent it to Ze’ev at PAP.  The photo and write-up appear toward the top of the “Customers Feedback” section on the PAP website.  
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Re: Decware and Quintet 15 Horn1
Reply #1 - 03/26/19 at 16:22:09
Awesome setup Doug! Bet it sounds as good as it looks!!!
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