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SE84UFO25 amp burn in procedure? (Read 1038 times)
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SE84UFO25 amp burn in procedure?
03/09/19 at 13:23:28
My amp is on the road!
Are there any burn in do's or don'ts with this amp?
Run it non-stop?
Only run it at 4 hour cycles at a time and let it rest between cycles?
From what I have read, with the copper beeswax caps, 200 - 300 hours for the amp to be fully opened up.
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Re: SE84UFO25 amp burn in procedure?
Reply #1 - 03/09/19 at 15:10:44
I've read on these forums that 5 on, 5 of is recommended. Given that I have a full time job and want to maximize what I can, I do 15 or 16 hours on and 8 or 9 hours off. I've read it is important to turn off to let everything settle and form vs just leaving it on 24 hours.

I'm about 40 hours into breaking anniversary mono blocks and they are already a league above my little zen without any mods. Come on 500 hours!
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Re: SE84UFO25 amp burn in procedure?
Reply #2 - 03/09/19 at 15:27:55
I agree with pursuitofnow's advice. I've mostly done the "5 on and 5 off" with new components for years (or rather "sort of" as it's about 5 hours, usually more, not less, on and off). Works well . . . after five or six cycles the burn in is subtler. . . and the amp continues to season well for years!

pursuitofnow -- a new set of 25th Anniversary Monoblocks! Awesome! I love mine. They bring me so much joy.
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