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Silly question: mono output in lieu of switch? (Read 1895 times)
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Silly question: mono output in lieu of switch?
01/24/19 at 03:59:10
A standard CSP2 has a stereo output and a mono output but a mono switch is evidently a rare optional mod. Is there any issue with connecting both outputs of the CSP2 to the inputs of one SE84C+? Using a Y cable for the mono out > stereo ins of course. That way one could switch between mono or stereo by switching between the CSP's two outputs with the SE84C+'s input switch.

Since I listen to a lot of older mono material, summing to mono can be useful to reject grunge when playing mono vinyl w/stereo cart or if one is lucky 'fixing' some kinds of nonsense like fake stereo that unfortunately afflict some reissues.
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Re: Silly question: mono output in lieu of switch?
Reply #1 - 03/06/19 at 00:21:39
Hey, didn't see this question til today. I think there would be no problem at all to do this. Though I'm no expert. I know the mono output is there meant for a subwoofer, but I don't believe there is any frequency manipulation going on at all, it should be just the two channels summed.

I did have a CSP2+ and a ZP3 that I had Steve add a mono switch to and that was a neat solution. But I don't see why your proposal wouldn't work.
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