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Humming (Read 1081 times)
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12/05/18 at 01:47:08
Ok Iím a newbie so go easy on me,I have been running rega p3 into the Zp3 to my amp with no hum issues,today I added a ZMC1 to the system with a Hana sl and now I have a noticeable hum,I grounded the sut to the ZP3 and the hum reduced somewhat,then I tried grounding the amp to the SUT and the hum reduced slightly more,any suggestions on how to eliminate the hum altogether,would using a power cord into the sut help ?
Iím not the most tech savvy so simple suggestions would help.Thanks inadvance
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Re: Humming
Reply #1 - 12/05/18 at 05:41:58
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