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08/09/22 at 03:09:51 

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My humble system (Read 4050 times)
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My humble system
10/28/18 at 02:25:41
It's a little overpowering for my small living room, but in a couple months, it'll have its own dedicated room!

I'm really happy with the gear I've ended up with, it's been quite a ride.

SE34I.5 currently with stock tubes
Rogue Pharaoh (used as pre-amp with Brimar CV4003's)
MoFi StudioDeck turntable
Denon DL-103R cart
Lounge Copla step-up amp
Lounge LCR MKIII phono pre
Mac Mini w/ Audirvana
BorderPatrol SE USB DAC
Zu Omen Mk.II's
Zu Undertone Mk.II
Zu Option RCA interconnects and Birth power cables
Trying our some Nordost 2 Flat speaker cables, but usually I have Zu Mission LC's

I sit in awe every time I listen.
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Re: My humble system
Reply #1 - 10/31/18 at 01:00:26
Nice, very nice. I think it's a "Proper" system, well done, and thanks for sharing.
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Zen Torii Jr
Zen Monolith 947
Silver interconnects
Silver Teflon speaker cables
ZSB switch box
Emotiva CD player
Yamaha Tuner
Technics SL-1200 Mark II turntable
Centrance Hifi-M8/iPhone streaming Tidal lossless 1,411 kbps
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Re: My humble system
Reply #2 - 10/31/18 at 02:48:12
Looks good!
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— TV, cable box, BRP, PS Audio DirectStream w/ Bridge II, ZBIT, ZMA, Klipsch Forte II & R-115SW sub, PS Audio P20 & Zen Line Conditioner
— CSP3-25, SE84UFO3-25, SE84UFO25, Pass Labs XA25, First Watt F8 & SE34I.6 (on order)
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Delta 77
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Re: My humble system
Reply #3 - 11/01/18 at 00:07:47
Looks like you have great taste..
I really am jealous of your DAC..
Nice choices...
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INNUOS-ZEN mk3(streamer)
ARIC AUDIO-Passive pre
TEKTON-Double Impact SE
TEKTON-Enzo sub x 2
DECWARE-CSP3-25th(HP amp)
ZMF ”Auteur”
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Re: My humble system
Reply #4 - 11/04/18 at 01:11:18
Thanks all!  It does sound sweet.  In fact, I've removed the Rogue from the equation altogether.  It was "compressing" the soundstage a bit.

I've rolled in some Tung-Sol EL34B's and so far I'm diggin' it.

The DAC is crazy.  Based on measurement and specs, it should "suck", but it's far from it. Everyone who has come over to hear it has been blown away.  I couldn't care less about "hi-res", etc.  A tastefully executed 16/44.1 is all I need to be happy.
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