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07/04/22 at 16:28:07 

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UFO25 Steals DECFEST 2018! (Read 1741 times)
Steve Deckert

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UFO25 Steals DECFEST 2018!
10/10/18 at 03:55:53

The confirmation is in... it's for real!  The 25th Anniversary Zen Triode amplifier model SE84UFO25 did something no other amplifier has ever done in over 15 consecutive years of the DECFEST 3 day audio show.

The theme of the show is putting together different amp speakers combinations by request all three days.  Every year since the very first one, that is what we have done.  The average day would see 15 to 20 different combinations of Decware components.  This year was different.  The show was started with the 25th Anniversary Zen Triode Amplifier paired with the new DNA2 loudspeakers and literally no-one asked to hear anything else fo 12 straight hours!  Simply unheard of.

Realize that everyone comes wanting to hear a particular amplifier with a particular pair of speakers and this year was no different... in fact as everyone arrived they told me what they were here to hear... however, the sound of the 25th Anniversary Zen Triode amplifier was so compelling that everyone just forgot what they came to hear.  It cast the same spell on the entire firkin fest that it has cast on me as described in my writings all year during this wonderful amplifiers development.

Read my report of the fest at this thread here for a blow-by-blow report: https://www.decware.com/cgi-bin/yabb22/YaBB.pl?num=1536369812/37#37

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