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Finally it Glows! (Read 1081 times)
My Name is Earl
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Finally it Glows!
09/27/18 at 01:21:39
I ordered my Zen (amp, that is ... I’ve been Zen for a few years now, though not always as much as I need!) back in June, and it finally arrived in early September.  Knowing it would be a long wait helped mitigate the anticipation, plus our household was in upheaval with kitchen and bathroom renovations that took nearly 6 weeks ... and our annual summer holiday capped the end of that process.

After carefully unboxing on the virgin quartz countertop in the new kitchen, I was ready for the revelatory experience.  Alas, there was no joy.  To make a long story short, UPS had managed enough G forces to damage the rectifier, which was determined with some email exchanges with Steve.  While Steve committed to send replacement tube and fuses, I went ahead and ordered an extra tube from The Tube Store (I’m in Rochester, NY so the shipping form Hamilton, Ontario was quick) and I set out to get some replacement fuses quickly.  I couldn’t get out to buy fuses due to some outpatient surgery which has prevented me from driving for at least another two days.

Amazon screwed up my first order, so another two days transpired until ... today.  With the 274B and 5AMP/250V fuse in place, there was light in all the right places - on to the listening!

To briefly set the stage, my “listening room” is certainly a mess and not optimal.  I have a small (1200 sq ft) ranch home and a second bedroom servies as an office and, now, a listening room.  It’s not optimal as it is really too small and furniture placement options are limited.  Speakers are 80s vintage Angstrom 202s, a 2-way bookshelf with 6” (5.5”?) mid-woofers and a front port.  They are probably 85-86db sensitivity, so I was not anticipating great quality or volume.  A newly refurbed pair of Fisher XP-5As are waiting for service.  Yeah, I know, but I they complement a couple of classic Fisher receivers I have that will be going up for sale.

Wow, this is long winded - sorry!  I started off streaming lossless files from iMac/ITunes through a Teac UD-301 DAC; I had made a “Hi Fi Test” playlist, composed of favourite songs which I deem to be well recorded.

First notes - WOW! It plays music!  Well, once I get my table refurbed and installed, there will be REAL music, but that’s another story.

On to some SACDs and CDs - Bill Charlap, Linn sampler, Diana Krall ... even better.  Yes, I can hear the deficiencies in the speakers and their installation.  Reflections need to be tamed, damping needs to be installed, cables need upgrading (don’t ask) and different speakers need to be auditioned. High peaks and orchestral pieces are an issue.

But in this room, the relatively low sensitivity is not a problem. Higher sensitivity transducers will/would be a boon, but to JUST ENJOY THE MUSIC ... not an absolute necessity.

More to follow, maybe even some pics once I de -lutter and clean  ;D
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