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03/30/20 at 13:50:12


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ELAC DS-S101-G server/streamer (Read 1058 times)
Tommy Freefall
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ELAC DS-S101-G server/streamer
06/20/18 at 19:15:20
Does anyone have any experience with the ELAC DS-S101-G server/streamer?
The $1100 price looks very reasonable, but with a lifetime subscription to Roon Essentials a roughly $500 value it seems like a very good deal if one has a modest-sized music library.

LR, any thoughts?
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Lonely Raven
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Re: ELAC DS-S101-G server/streamer
Reply #1 - 06/22/18 at 18:52:24

I had to look it up, I wasn't familiar with it.

It looks like a dedicated PC with audio outs and Roon. If it's including the Lifetime membership to Roon and they aren't cutting any roon features out, then that seems like a hell of a price!

You're basically paying for a dedicated music system organizer (Roon). I have no word on what the sound quality is like, but the device itself is quite sound. Hell, if I built you one I'd probably only be able to save you $200 over the price of this box, and you'd still need a DAC.  

If you get it, please report back how it sounds, everything else about it seems pretty good.
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