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05/28/22 at 23:45:11 

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ZROCK2 and Subwoofer (Read 2093 times)
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ZROCK2 and Subwoofer
04/25/18 at 15:51:37
Has anyone that was uses a sub put a ZROCK2 in the chain and found that you no longer needed the sub?  Although I can't fit a sub into my system, I've always wondered how one would sound.  But now I'm getting such good bass with the ZROCK2, I doubt I would need one.
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Tommy Freefall
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Re: ZROCK2 and Subwoofer
Reply #1 - 05/01/18 at 18:23:20
I have the ERRx speakers, and at times I have given thoughts to a possible sub situation. But after recently installing my ZRock2 - those thoughts have been dismissed. I no longer have any interest in a sub. Not needed whatsoever.
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