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What are these tubes good for? (Read 1327 times)
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What are these tubes good for?
02/15/18 at 06:12:04

I just gutted a ham radio labeled "Truck #" and a number I don't recall.  I suppose it was part of a trucking companies equipment, and it was frequency specific in that the communication frequency could not be changed.

Anyway, I'll list all the tubes that were contained within.  But I have some questions about tubes in general as well.  I understand from Google searches that tubes with white or gray hues inside are typically failed tubes.  The largest tube in this device has a spot on each side wherein some of the rods inside get very close to the glass, and the glass has large, black, discolored patches where those elements are.  Is this a bad sign?  Or just hot spots?  Also, some of these tubes have that a dark, chrome hue in portions of the glass.  Perhaps, this is the "gray" I am supposed to look for to signify the tube is bad?  I'll try to post some pictures of them so you can make the judgement, but here's the list of tubes:

GE Compactron 7984 - The one with two large hot spot areas.
Amperex 6360 - a couple large, silvery-gray patches near the top of the tube (not to be confused with that chrome-looking cap tubes tend to have.
6BM6 - This doesn't have any names on it, and the last digit is tough to read, but appears to be a 6.  Lots of silvery-gray patches around the glass.
Aerotron 6BN6
Aerotron 6DJ8
Aerotron 6CL8A
Aerotron 7060
Aerotron 12AX7A - Well, this one is pretty self-explanitory
Aerotron 6BH6

Note:  I do my listening on headphones.  May I use any of these to build a headphone amplifier?  My headphones are 24-Ohm, with a power-handling of 1W.
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