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07/12/20 at 12:40:39 


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Speakers firing directly towards superchunks (Read 1775 times)
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Speakers firing directly towards superchunks
10/30/17 at 15:03:06
Hello all,
my name is Laurence Dwyer from UK. I am in process of design and build of  a dedicated listening room. It is an unused bedroom of 3.8m long, 3.2m wide, and 2.4m high.

I am building some superchunks to go in all four corners. Rockwool RWA45, and they will be 600mm x 600mm x 850mm triangles. I have just been looking at potential speaker placement and listening position, and i am able to place my speakers in a position, such that they fire directly just past my ears (which is what the manufacturer recommends) and then directly into the superchunks on the rear corners.

Is this a good idea?


System: GyroSE, DL103r, Bent SUT, CAT SL1, Zen se84C+, Beauhorn Revelation
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Re: Speakers firing directly towards superchunks
Reply #1 - 11/04/17 at 03:58:09
You'll have so many reflections going on from the other walls, that your direct sound going into the superchunks behind you isn't going to be noticed...besides what the superchunks are supposed to absorb.

Now, I know it's common practice for home theater guys to just build superchunks everywhere, but have measured before and after install of the corner traps to see what they are doing, and make sure you're not causing as many problems as you're solving?
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