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06/02/23 at 00:33:44 

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USPS vs. UPS brokerage fees. (Read 25 times)
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USPS vs. UPS brokerage fees.
01/07/17 at 21:28:42
I ordered a pair of Silver Flute drivers from Madisound and they were shipped USPS with $25.00 in brokerage fees.

I just got a delivery notice in the mail from UPS who shipped me a pair of RT1-C tweeters, a couple binding posts, neodymium magnets, some grill cloth and some feet. The total came to $124.00 plus $33.00 shipping. Guess what? The brokerage fees for this package into Canada is listed at $62.00!  Almost twice the price of the entire shipping!

Does UPS charge an outrageous handling fee at the border? Not pleased with this one.  :-X
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Re: USPS vs. UPS brokerage fees.
Reply #1 - 01/07/17 at 21:47:07
Yeah that can really be a bummer, and with the exchange rate on top to boot as well. Probably best if possible to buy within Canada for drivers, parts, etc .

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