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03/01/24 at 17:07:46 

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Experamenting (Read 2177 times)
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Why does it hurt
when I pee?

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12/24/16 at 16:17:00
I got a little bored this morning and tried something that I for some reason haven't ever tried before.
I took my Wyred 4 Sound DAC and my Torii out of my system. I replaced them with my Wadia 151 Power DAC, an all in one DAC and amp that I use in my garage system.
Well, is sure sounds different, not nearly as lush and a lot more than noticeably vailed. No sparkle and I like sparkle.Plus it seems to give me a headache, perhaps brain damage?
So what I have learned is that there is a big difference between a $500 DAC- Amp and my good stuff.
Decware is the "good shit".    
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Re: Experamenting
Reply #1 - 12/24/16 at 16:25:38

Well said Donnie!

Now we just need to get you a good DAC! LOL
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