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04/13/24 at 17:42:44 

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Has anyone ever modified their MG 944's? (Read 5088 times)
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Has anyone ever modified their MG 944's?
04/05/15 at 16:43:38
Has anyone ever changed the drivers in their MG's?
I know that people have changed the capacitors to change crossover points, but what about changing the drivers.
I haven't went shopping yet to even see what is available out there.
Truthfully I am very happy with my MG's but I'm feeling restless.
The only other thing that I might do is build some sort of clones of them and start messing around with that idea. Maybe using 2-8" Silver flutes or something silly like that.
So am I silly for thinking this way?
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Re: Has anyone ever modified their MG 944's?
Reply #1 - 04/09/15 at 22:52:45

Go for it, build a set of clones and see if you can get close. I'll send you the detail for the interior baffle if you need it.

Make your baffles separate/removable so you can play with other driver combinations, but do stay away from the 8" Silver Flute in the MTM configuration.

Let us know how it turns out!!!

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