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Tone Magazine (Read 4337 times)
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Tone Magazine
12/05/14 at 11:55:37
Here is a nice piece from Tone Audio Magazine http://www.tonepublications.com/ on page 118. †Download standard resolution version as a pdf and enjoy!

Favorites 2014
Decware Zen Mystery
was going to include the
Decware Torii amplifier that
Iíve been using for some
time now as my last favorite
on this list, but then a new
package arrived from Steve
Deckert. Though itís not
nearly broken in yet, the Zen
Mystery amp takes the basic
design of the Zen monoblock
amplifiers, puts them on one
chassis with a slightly lower
output (40 watts per channel
vs. 60 for the monos) and
offers a healthy drop in price
to boot.
For those who need a bit
more push over the cliff than
the 25 watts per channel that
the Torii delivers, but canít
afford the $11k pricetag of
the monoblocks, the ZMA will
be your pot of gold. Much
like the Torii, this is one of the
most incredible amplifiers Iíve
ever experienced. With more
power, the ZMA has a much
wider range of speakers it
can work well with. If you
want an amplifier to last the
rest of your life, call Decware
and get in the queue for one
of these.
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Lonely Raven
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Re: Tone Magazine
Reply #1 - 12/05/14 at 15:46:29
No picture though...bummer.
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Re: Tone Magazine
Reply #2 - 12/11/14 at 11:50:19
Congrats Steve!   The ZMA in Jeff's 9 Favorite Amplifiers!..that is awesome and very well deserved!
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Re: Tone Magazine
Reply #3 - 12/30/14 at 00:42:59
Here is what all should see! †Page 182 of the magazine.

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