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12/10/23 at 14:14:20 

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New ERR! (Read 6258 times)
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New ERR!
10/31/13 at 01:28:32

So I just received the Decware cables today and I'm trying the new ERR.
I was wondering why is there four (4) connectors with some type of resistor between them?

Right now I'm trying to figure out the very low volume that comes out of the speakers compared to my Trapeziums even though the amp is on maximum. Am I doing something wrong ?!

Should I change the volume output of my DAC as well? Considering the ERR have a higher dB I was expecting an even higher volume on the ERR out of the box?

Let me know - thanks!
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Re: New ERR!
Reply #1 - 10/31/13 at 01:48:27

There is a specific way to connect the cables on the ERR in series with the capacitor, etc. i would call or PM or email Bob (Zygi) to get you set straight. Properly connected I think you would get the higher output you expect.  . .

On my pair, the speaker cables hook up to the bottom two speaker connections, but I'm not sure if you have the same design.
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Re: New ERR!
Reply #2 - 10/31/13 at 12:58:37

I know the resistor is to drop the volume of the tweeter to match the radial driver, and can be removed (replaced with a jumper) if you feel you need that extra tweeter output for your sized room.

If I recall, connect to the bottom pair of posts so the resistor is "after" the speaker wire.

But as always, check with Bob if you have any questions.

I swear I thought Steve had this information on the ERRx page...
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Re: New ERR!
Reply #3 - 10/31/13 at 13:48:39
From the ERR page.

The ERRx features dual 5-way binding posts on the rear of the cabinet.  The bottom set power the radial driver, the top set power the planar tweeter.  When using a single amplifier, the two sets of posts are connected together with a piece of wire on the negative and a resistor on the positive.

The resistor is used to adjust the volume of the planar tweeters for a given room, which is why it's external.  Higher value resistors create more attenuation while lower value resistors create less.  The range is 1 ohm to 16 ohm (typically) and in plush rooms the resistor can sometimes be omitted entirely and replaced with a piece of wire.


Perhaps the only thing sweeter than a nice low powered tube amp is two low powered tube amps.  Hook one to the lower set of posts to power the radial driver, hook the second amp up to the upper set of posts to power the planar tweeter.  Adjustment of the tweeter is achieved by adjusting the gain (volume) of the tweeter amp.  A preamp is then used to drive the pair of stereo amplifiers so that you can raise and lower the volume of the pair with a single control. "

You want to make sure you are connected to the bottom two studs if running one amp. If you connected it to the top two then you would have the resistor inline with the radial driver and and the tweeter would not see this resistor and it would not sound right.
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