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02/04/23 at 19:19:10 

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It may be getting time for new tubes (Read 3523 times)
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It may be getting time for new tubes
09/07/12 at 00:39:28
Lately I've noticed that upon startup that there is some static coming from my right speaker. This is with the volume turned all of the way off.
Am I wrong in the assumption that some new tubes are somewhere in my near future?
How do I troubleshoot such a problem? Do I just spend some money and change every tube?
I have already turned the amp on without anything else turned on to make sure it wasn't my computer throwing it's demons toward the amp. I rerouted the speaker cable even further away from any power source.
After a few minutes everything is fine. It is that this just started recently and if figured that after a year and a half of heavy use that the tubes might be getting tired.
So what is a man with a red Torii to do?
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Re: It may be getting time for new tubes
Reply #1 - 09/07/12 at 01:03:08

I have had this happen with input tubes that are obviously arcing a little during warmup (little flashes in the tube) but are fine after warmup; also with input tubes with no apparent arcing (fine after warmup too); with power tubes that are on the way out (I have had a batch of JJ 6CA7s that go a while, then start some warmup static/pops, then start to distort ...weird); and I think I have had this with bad connections between pin and socket on power tubes too. I am assuming your volume control does not make racket when you turn it?

That said, if what I recall reading is accurate (5000-6000 hrs for power and 5000-10000 for inputs), unless you are putting on a whole lot of hours a day, you may be good. But then, this is assuming tube quality from the start.

From my limited experience, I would start out looking at the inputs for arcing, then by cleaning tube pins and sockets. And if this does not do it, you can trouble shoot tubes by switching channels one tube at a time, and see if the problem moves. From my experience, I would start with the inputs and then EL34s. I have yet to have other tubes go on me, so can't speak to them.

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